Patent US2467966
In light of recent press articles regarding the Cap and Trade battles looming for our Coal-state national elected representatives, we made it a priority to further document that Carbon Dioxide is a valuable raw material resource from which we can synthesize needed hydrocarbons.
Herein, via the above link and following excerpts, we document that the oil industry, and our own US Government, have, officially, known that fact to be true for more than sixty years.
Comment follows excerpts from the above link to, and attached file of:
"United States Patent 2,467,966 - Conversion of Hydrocarbons
Date: April 1949
Inventor: Alfred Clark, Oklahoma
Assignee: Phillips Petroleum Company
Abstract: This invention relates to ... the manufacture of premium quality gasoline and Diesel fuel ... (via) ... Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and hydrogenolysis. ... Methane, plus Carbon Dioxide, Steam or Oxygen, or a mixture of Methane and any of the last three, are converted into synthesis gas ... ."
In 1949, the petroleum industry revealed, as herein confirmed by our own US Government, that Methane, which can itself be synthesized, via the 1912 Nobel Prize-winning Sabatier technique, from Carbon Dioxide, can be combined with more Carbon Dioxide, to form a "synthesis gas" suitable for "Fischer-Tropsch" processing that yields "premium quality gasoline and Diesel fuel".
Do you any longer have any questions as to why the West Texas cowboys want all of us Coal State hillbillies to send them, post paid by us, all of the nasty CO2 coming out of our Coal State smokestacks, so that they can pump it down, and store it in, their near-empty oil fields?
We can recycle Carbon Dioxide here, ourselves, in Coal Country, just like we could now be liquefying our Coal, into direct replacements for imported Petroleum.
Why aren't we doing either, instead of wasting so much time on specious, fraudulent issues like Cap&Trade and Sequestration; and, instead of allowing our national wealth to hemorrhage uncontrollably into the unfriendly treasuries of OPEC oil powers; and, into the Swiss bank accounts of multi-national petroleum companies?

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