Process for producing gasoline and gas


Since we just recently sent you report of United States Patent: 4218388; Preparing Hydrocarbons from Gasification of Coal; 1980; Assignee: Shell Oil Company", wherein is disclosed how a "synthesis gas" derived from Coal and Steam "is converted" both "into gasoline" and, concurrently, into "light hydrocarbons (such as) butane or LPG"; we wanted to affirm that such multi-product Coal conversion processes have been around, have been known to our United States Government, and, thus, supposedly have been available to the US fuel supply industry, for many decades.

Herein, we see that such knowledge, which would enable us to convert our abundant Coal, through controlled reaction with Steam, into both a Synthetic, or Substitute, Natural Gas and Gasoline, in a fashion conceptually similar to Shell's technology, has been, or should have been, available for us to utilize since immediately prior to our involvement in WWII.

Comment follows excerpts from the link to and attached file of:


"United States Patent 2,194,574 - Process for Producing Gasoline and Gas


Date: March, 1940


Inventor: Frederick Snyder, MA


Assignee: Fuel Research Development Corporation, Boston


This invention relates to the production of high-grade gasoline and to the simultaneous production of gas for commercial heating or illuminating purposes.


It is the general object ... to produce both high-grade gasoline and standard commercial gas by a single combined process which is continuous in operation and which involves the use of highly superheated steam.

Important features of my invention relate to the initial formation of a large amount of air gas and to the ... use of a major part of said air gas for highly preheating steam which is thereafter used in the formation of water gas (and other processes) thereby effecting distillation of coal gas and coal oils from freshly charged coal."


We abbreviate our excerpts since the full Disclosure, as we've found to be the case in many older patents, is presented in overly-complex, even archaic, phraseology that can be confusing and somewhat misleading.

What thorough reading will reveal, however, is a Coal gasification process wherein Coal, blended into a Coal oil derived from the process itself, is reacted with Steam and some volatile gases, also derived from the process, and made thereby to produce a blend of hydrocarbons from which "high-grade gasoline and standard commercial gas" can be extracted.

And, as herein, our United States Government affirms that they have known officially for at least sixty years that we can make such "high-grade gasoline and standard commercial gas" from nothing but Steam and "freshly charged coal".

Far past time our United States citizens learned that publicly, don't you think?

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