Process for producing water gas from pulverized coal and steam
We have lately been addressing a number of facts about the conversion of Coal into hydrocarbons.
One fact is that primarily carbonaceous compounds which can be derived from Coal require hydrogenation; that is, they need to be compounded with Hydrogen, in order to enable their efficient conversion into gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels. 
Another fact is, that, such needed Hydrogen can be directly and simply produced as an integral function of the Coal conversion process, through straightforward chemical interactions between Steam and hot Coal.
Such hydrogenated synthesis gas, "Syngas", made from Coal, has been known, for well over a century, as "Water Gas".
Finally, we have been documenting, as indicated, that we have known, in the United States, officially, about all of those facts for a very long time.
Herein, via the above link and following excerpts, we tie all of that, and a few other things, together.
Comment follows the very brief excerpts from:
"United States Patent 1,873,941 - Water Gas from Coal and Steam
Date: August, 1932
Inventor: Hermann Hillebrand, Berlin
Abstract: This invention relates to a process of and apparatus for producing water gas from pulverized coal and steam.
The required heating ... is effected by means of a part of the ... gas generated.
Claims: A method of continuously producing water gas from pulverized coal or coke and steam ... ."
Note that, as in "required heating" comes from the "gas generated", this Coal conversion process is, like other, later, ones we've documented for you, "auto-thermal". All of the energy needed to drive the conversion of Coal into hydrocarbons can be made from Coal; it can even be recovered as a by-product of the process.
As we will document in reports to follow, as we have already documented, United States companies and government entities have known for a very long time that hydrogenated synthesis gas, eminently suited for complete and efficient catalysis into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, can be made from Coal and Steam.
Why United States citizens, especially those resident in US Coal Country, and those who have fought in the Arabian and Persian oil wars, and those who are now trying to rescue seabirds along the Gulf Coast, have been left out that knowledge loop, is a question that can have no satisfactory answer.

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