Patent US0943627
In a dispatch immediately to follow, we report on yet another technology developed by Big Oil, as embodied in Shell Oil, and it's scientists in both The Netherlands and Texas, wherein Carbon Dioxide can be recycled, "tri-reformed", through reactions with Methane and Steam, to synthesize higher hydrocarbons.
Although the 1912 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Paul Sabatier for demonstrating that such valuable Methane can itself be synthesized from Carbon Dioxide, we demonstrate herein that we have known for even longer that, if we want Methane - whether for recycling Carbon Dioxide; or, for enhancing processes of indirect Coal conversion; or, for direct catalytic condensation; all of which process can be designed to result in the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons; and, all as we have previously documented - then we can also manufacture Methane via the gasification of Coal.

From more than a century ago, we submit, via the enclosed link and attached file, excerpts from:
"United States Patent 943,627 - Manufacture of Gas for Illuminating, Heating or Power
Date: December, 1909
Herbert Elworthy, England
The aim of this invention is to provide a new and valuable industrial process for the manufacture of gas for illuminating, heating, or power purposes.
The gas produced according to the invention is substantially coal gas, but with the important difference that it contains ... more methane, and that there (can be) a total absence of carbon monoxid or dioxid.
There is generally more hydrogen present in coal gas than is required for the conversion ... ."
If, though, there isn't sufficient Hydrogen, the inventor does go on to explain how any additional needed Hydrogen can be obtained from the water gas reaction, which, presuming you to have followed our posts, also relies on Coal.
In any case, we have known, as herein officially, for more than one hundred years, that, if we want Methane, for whatever useful purpose, such as one of those indicated above, we can make that Methane from Coal.

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