Aside from the potentials for actually using the solid byproducts of Coal combustion as raw materials for making of Portland-type Cement, as demonstrated, for just one example, in our report of:

West Virginia Coal Association | Pittsburgh Converts Coal Ash and Flue Gas into Cement | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 5,766,339 - Producing Cement from a Flue Gas Desulfurization Waste; 1998; Dravo Lime Company, Pittsburgh; Cement is produced (from) a moist mixture of a flue gas desulfurization process waste product (and) aluminum, iron, silica and carbon, ... wherein said source of aluminum and iron comprises fly ash";

United States Patent: 4921586 

By way of foreword, this is "just" another dispatch confirming that Carbon Dioxide, as recovered from whatever convenient source, can be, in combination with Water, H2O, efficiently converted into various hydrocarbons, and/or other products of value, through a process based on electrolysis.

And, it is another such technology emerging from that technological and industrial giant, United Technologies, about whose CO2 recycling expertise we earlier reported, in the very-closely related:

United States Patent: 4191538

As should by now be thoroughly familiar to our readers, there exist a multitude of variations on the basic technology for the indirect conversion of Coal into liquid hydrocarbons.

In such processes, most often labeled generically as "Fischer-Tropsch" syntheses, Coal and/or other Carbon source material is partially oxidized, i.e., partially combusted, in the presence of various, often proprietary, mixes of gases, such as Oxygen, Steam, and, perhaps surprisingly, Carbon Dioxide, thus forming, as product, a synthesis gas, or "syngas", blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.

Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #775227

We've previously documented the work of Penn State University, in developing improved methods for converting Coal into high-grade aviation fuels that have properties far superior to conventional aviation fuels made from petroleum.


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