United   States Patent: 4364915

Herein, we submit a technology that was developed specifically for the   efficient and economical recovery of Carbon Dioxide from industrial flue gas,   so that the recovered Carbon Dioxide could be subsequently utilized in the   synthesis of hydrocarbons.

It has been, in fact, cited as a source of Carbon Dioxide by some very   recent expositions of CO2-recycling technology, as for instance can be   discovered in our report of:

United States Patent: 7605293

As we chronicled in our recent report:

West Virginia Coal Association | California July 2012 Efficient CO2 to Methanol | Research & Development;

primarily concerning: "United States Patent 8,212,088 - Efficient and Selective Chemical Recycling of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol, Dimethyl Ether and Derived Products; Date: July 3, 2012; Inventors: George Olah and G.K. Surya Prakash; Assignee: University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Abstract: An efficient and environmentally beneficial method of recycling and producing methanol from varied sources of carbon dioxide including flue gases of fossil fuel burning powerplants, industrial exhaust gases or the atmosphere itself. Converting carbon dioxide by chemical or electrochemical reduction secondary treatment to produce essentially methanol, dimethyl ether and derived products";

United States Patent: 8212088

We've presented you by now with overwhelming evidence that Carbon Dioxide, as arises in only a very small way, relative to natural sources of emission such as volcanoes, from our essential use of Coal in the generation of genuinely economical electric power, is a valuable raw material resource.

We can reclaim Carbon Dioxide, from whatever convenient source, and, via any one of multiple processes, convert it, recycle it, into both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

Cement   for Severe Environments - Cementitious Materials And Pozzolans, Industrial   Projects, Sustainability - Concrete Construc

As should be apparent from our many reports on the topic, the science and   technology for utilizing Coal Ash in the manufacture of Portland-type Cement,   PC, and Portland-type Cement Concrete, PCC, is becoming very well established,   and appears now to be growing at an accelerating pace.

That pace is creating changes in the Cement and Concrete industry that   we, with our isolated and disabled circumstances, are wholly unable to keep up   with and report accurately; that, especially so since some major natural   resources companies have begun to take notice and invest in smaller companies   who have developed Coal Ash utilization technologies, with resultant changes   in corporate names and headquarters locations.

Holding on to the past denies coal's future - Editorials and Columns - Press Room - United States Senator Jay Rockefeller

For the past more than several years, we have been doing our best to document for you how we can expand the use of our abundant Coal, and the byproducts of our Coal use, to the benefit of our entire society.

We can increase employment in Coal Country; we can free our entire nation from economic enslavement to OPEC; and, we can improve the world's natural environment - all through an expanded, but educated and properly directed, reliance on Coal and on the byproducts of our Coal use.

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