United States Patent: 8288446

We earlier reported that Saudi Arabia, in concert with at least one scientist in Texas, had devised a way to convert Carbon Dioxide, reclaimed from whatever source, into what would be an endless supply of, essentially, in the final analysis, petroleum.

Actually, the crown jewel of OPEC's turban, and their Texan collaborator, invented a process that converts Carbon Dioxide into hydrocarbon synthesis gas, which can then be catalytically and chemically condensed, through a number of known and practiced chemical processes, such as the venerable Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, into a full range of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons that have been conventionally derived from petroleum.


We return herein to a subject, and it's potentials, we've touched on in a few earlier reports, as in, for just one example:

West Virginia Coal Association | Bayer Is Converting Coal Power Plant CO2 Into Plastics | Research & Development; which centered on the article: "Bayer Material Science CO2-to-Plastics Pilot Plant; In February 2011, Bayer MaterialScience started a new pilot plant (in the) North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany for producing plastics from carbon dioxide (CO2). It will be used to develop polyurethanes from the waste gas released during power generation".

United States Patent Application: 0120115965

The document we enclose in this dispatch doesn't differ much in substance from many others we have already brought to your attention; it is just the most recent incarnation of Carbon Dioxide recycling and utilization technology we are at this time aware of having emanated from the brilliant mind of Nobel Laureate chemist George Olah, and his colleagues at the University of Southern California.

Patent US0008833

We've noted a couple of times, over the long course of our reportage, that some seemingly-conventional petroleum refining techniques appear actually to have been founded on processes developed originally and long ago to facilitate the conversion of Coal into gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

In fact, although due to technical difficulties on our end we can't at the moment track the links down for you, we long ago reported on the development of some pretty sophisticated Coal gasification processes in the late 1800's, one even calling for the use of solar energy to help effect the heating of the Coal.

United States Patent: 8277631

In a previous dispatch, from just this past June, now accessible via:

West Virginia Coal Association | Connecticut Recycles CO2 into Hydrocarbons | Research & Development;

we included report of, and a link to:

"United States Patent 7,964,084 - Methods and Apparatus for the Synthesis of Useful Compounds; June 21, 2011; Inventors: Victor Stancovski, Steven Suib, et. al., CT; Assignee: Catalectric Corporation and the University of Connecticut; Abstract: The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for activation of a low reactivity, non-polar chemical compound. In one example embodiment, the method comprises introducing the low reactivity chemical compound to a catalyst. At least one of (a) an oxidizing agent or a reducing agent and (b) a polar compound is provided to the catalyst and the chemical compound. An alternating current is applied to the catalyst to produce an activation reaction in the chemical compound. This activation reaction produces a useful product. (And) wherein: the polar compound comprises one of water or steam. (And) wherein: the low reactivity chemical compound comprise CO2; (And) wherein: the useful product comprises at least one of an alcohol".

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