We've from time to time tried to alert you to the utter, blatant contradictions between the public presentation of the Shale Gas boom and the stark realities of the thing, i.e., the vast differences between sober US Government geological assessments of the size of the resource and what's being touted by the industry and repeated in the press.
And, we've tried to alert you to the immense environmental dangers inherent in the practice of fracking, especially with unregulated and unreported - - as they, through the Dick Cheney-promulgated Halliburton Loophole, lawfully are - - dangerous, toxic chemicals.

You have heard it from us previously, as in, for just two examples, our reports of:
West Virginia Coal Association | US Navy and Columbia University Recycle Atmospheric CO2 | Research & Development; which includes information concerning: "United States Patent 7,420,004 - Process and System for Producing Synthetic Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels; 2008; The USA as Represented by the Secretary of the Navy; Abstract: A process for producing synthetic hydrocarbons that reacts carbon dioxide, obtained from seawater or air, and hydrogen obtained from water, with a catalyst in a chemical process such as reverse water gas shift combined with Fischer Tropsch synthesis. The hydrogen (can be) produced by ... any (energy) source that is fossil fuel-free, such as wind or wave energy"; and:
This past June, we began redressing some slights in our reportage, concerning the development of technologies that enable the efficient conversion of Carbon Dioxide, as reclaimed from whatever handy domestic US source, into the sorts of things, i.e., liquid hydrocarbon fuels, we US citizens, with a decorously minimal amount of sniveling, fork over the better part of five bucks a gallon for to OPEC and their multinational Big Oil front men.
The sheiks can't afford to buy enough toe rings for their harem girls, we guess; at least while their funding jihad. Nor, we suppose, can the gold plating on the bumpers of all the cowboys' Cadillacs ever be thick enough. And, we hard-working stiffs in US Coal Country do understand how tough it is for everyone to get by in the style to which they've become accustomed; we are always willing, it seems, to share what we have in order to ensure that they are able to do so.
Even with Uncle Sam.
Finding Petroleum - Diesel from CTL with carbon capture at a cost of $53 / barrel

We've made a few reports documenting the development of a nascent Coal liquefaction industry in the nation of Australia, as, for one instance, seen in:

West Virginia Coal Association | Australia Coal to Jet Fuel | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 4,645,585 - Production of Fuels, Particularly Jet and Diesel Fuels; 1987; Assignee: Broken Hill Proprietary Company, Melbourne (Australia); The present invention is related to novel fuel blends and particularly jet or diesel fuel blends, and to a method of producing a range of components of such blends from heavy aromatic compounds ... such as those derived from coal pyrolysis and coal hydrogenation".


We've many times documented that Coal Ash can be productively consumed in the making of cement and concrete that are superior in many ways to what are officially known as "Ordinary Portland Cement", "OPC", and Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete.

There is, in fact, a rather vast body of scientific literature "out there" demonstrating the truth of the matter; but, due both to technical expositions of the chemistry involved that are beyond our limited capacities to fully understand and accurately summarize for you, and, to legal constraints involving copyright laws, there is much about the value of Coal Ash we must leave unsaid.

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