Carbon Dioxide, as it arises in only a small way, relative to natural sources of emission, such as and especially the Earth's inexorable processes of planetary volcanism, from our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of truly abundant and affordable electric power, is a valuable raw material resource.
Over the past several years, we have rather regularly documented the fact that Japan, as embodied in several of her universities and corporations, has been developing the science and technology for recycling Carbon Dioxide, as might be recovered from whatever source - - perhaps as occurs naturally, sometimes in quite surprisingly high concentrations, as a component of Natural Gas as it is extracted from natural geologic reservoirs - - and synthesizing from Carbon Dioxide a variety of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons.
United States Patent: 7666505

We've made a number of reports over the past few years concerning the use of Coal Ash in the manufacture of various building and construction products - - in addition to and separate from those reports affirming and documenting the great current and potential value of consuming solid Coal Utilization Byproducts in the making of Cement and Concrete - - as, for example, in:

West Virginia Coal Association | Coal Fly Ash Makes Wallboard Stronger | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 4,403,006 - Sag-resistant Gypsum Board Containing Fly Ash; 1983;

United States Gypsum Company; Abstract: A gypsum board consisting essentially of a monolithic cellular core of set gypsum and a fiberous cover sheet encasement provided with improved properties by the gypsum core having incorporated therein coal fly ash in an amount of about 1-20% by weight of stucco in the gypsum slurry used in forming the board and method of producing the board are disclosed"; and:

United States Patent: 8273160

Much of the ground we cover herein might seem almost unbearably redundant.

Yesterday, we sent you a report concerning Carbon Dioxide harvesting technology closely-related and coincident with the subject of our discourse herein; and, unfortunately, that specific technology was one, we just discovered, about which we had already reported a few months ago.

We apologize for all of the regrind, all of the wasted time; and, won't dwell again on the rather difficult personal circumstances we work against here that lead to it.

United States Patent: 7858667

Since we have lately been documenting the facts, as seen recently in:

West Virginia Coal Association | USDOE Efficient Hydrogen for Liquid Fuel Synthesis | Research & Development; concerning:

"United States Patent Application 20120149789 - Apparatus and Methods for the Electrolysis of Water; 2012; Inventor: Elias Greenbaum; Assignee: UT-Battelle, LLC; Oak Ridge, TN; ("UT-Battelle, LLC is a limited liability partnership between the University of Tennessee and Battelle Memorial Institute that manages the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the United States Department of Energy.") Abstract: An apparatus for the electrolytic splitting of water into hydrogen and/or oxygen";

United States Patent: 8246731

We are compelled here to inject, by way of foreword, some editorial comment:

This dispatch concerns itself with yet another technology related to the practical reclamation and recycling of Carbon Dioxide: a valuable raw material from which we can, on a practical basis, and using carbon-free environmental energy to drive the chemical transactions, synthesize virtually any hydrocarbon we might wish, including any and all sorts of gaseous and liquid fuels and plastics.

In the face of the relentless and decades-old negative PR campaign that has been, we intuit now deliberately, and for reasons that likely have at their roots very little to do with genuine concerns about the environment, conducted against Carbon Dioxide, the above statement "feels", even to us, after all our research, somehow "wrong" - - that it just can't be true.

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