In order to keep this dispatch brief enough so that it can be remain readable, given the technically-imposed space limitations, when it is posted on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site, we will be forced to abbreviate our excerpts from the many links we include in the extreme.
You will either be motivated enough by your concern for Coal Country's, for our entire nation's, security, and future economic and environmental well-being, to follow up and fully inform yourselves by exploring the links we include herein, or, you will not.
If you are so motivated, you will then either be motivated enough to make known to your Coal Country press corps and to your Coal Country elected leadership, respectively, what news it is you wish them to be publishing and what business it is you wish them to be busying themselves with on your behalf, or, you will not.
We've noted in a couple of reports that residual, un-combusted Carbon in Coal Fly Ash impairs it's utility as a fine, reactive, property-enhancing aggregate or admixture in Portland Cement Concrete.
Such residual Carbon interferes with air entrainment additives, which additives enable the formation of very tiny air bubbles in Concrete that improve it's resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and subsequent and related chemical corrosion. As explained by the Portland Cement Association via:
Cement & Concrete Basics: Air-Entrained Concrete | Portland Cement Association (PCA); "One of the greatest advances in concrete technology was the development of air-entrained concrete in the late 1930s. Today, air entrainment is recommended for nearly all concretes, principally to improve resistance to freezing when exposed to water and deicing chemicals. However, there are other important benefits of entrained air in both freshly mixed and hardened concrete. Air-entrained concrete contains billions of microscopic air cells. These relieve internal pressure on the concrete by providing tiny chambers for the expansion of water when it freezes".
Our most recent dispatch, which yet again confirmed the plain truth that Carbon Dioxide, as is co-produced in a small way, in terms of energy units actually produced and distributed versus Carbon Dioxide units emitted - - relative to the CO2 emitted by alternative energy processes such as the combination of mechanized farming, biological fermenting and heat-based distilling activities, all of which, through the combustion of fuel for energy or the biochemical breakdown of carbohydrates and sugars, emit Carbon Dioxide, and which are all demanded by and all go into the production of "clean, green" Corn Ethanol - - by our essential use of Coal in the generation of abundant and truly affordable electric power, is a valuable raw material resource, which can, using only Sunlight to power the process, be converted into hydrocarbons, specifically substitute natural gas Methane, is now accessible via:
We first must thank the West Virginia State Journal for deeply appreciated correspondence, in one of the exceedingly rare expressions of direct interest we've received related to our reportage on the genuine, and vast, potentials which exist for converting our abundant domestic Coal and our some-say-too-abundant Carbon Dioxide, on economically and environmentally sound bases, into anything and everything our US political leadership have, for the past half a century, been enabling us to mortgage our grandchildren's future to the alien powers of OPEC to keep ourselves supplied with in the here and now.
We gratefully acknowledge and commend their interest.
First, folks, an explanation, and a caveat, something of both an apology and an admonition:
If any of you have followed our reports over the past years, you now know, that, beyond doubt, beyond any conceivably sane argument or objection, our abundant United States Coal resources can be efficiently and economically converted into anything, quite literally anything, we now, like docile and blissfully, maybe willfully, unknowing sheep being led into the slaughterhouse staging pens, allow our national and personal wealth to be transferred to the foreign, we dare say alien, treasuries of OPEC to keep ourselves supplied with in the here and now.
More than that, Carbon-recycling and eternally-renewable organic material of botanical origin can be added to the Coal, and be converted into petroleum and natural gas substitutes right along with that Coal, in a way that introduces an element of
sustainability to such conversion processes; in a way which could expand the output of those processes and eventually make the whole enterprise self-sustaining; and, in a way which could open up a whole new arena of opportunity and enterprise for United States Coal Country.

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