United States Patent Application: 0120255305

We've documented for you a number of times that the well-known Japanese company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is getting involved in the Carbon Dioxide recycling "revolution", for want of a better term, as in our reports of:

West Virginia Coal Association | Japan Helps Iceland Convert CO2 into Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels | Research & Development; concerning: "Dimethyl Ether Production from Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen; Pierre-Etienne Huot-Marchand; Trondheim; Norway; November 2010; Abstract: The chemical recycling of carbon dioxide to methanol and dimethyl ether (DME) provides a renewable, carbon-neutral, source for efficient transportation fuels. DME can be used in diesel engine, although some modifications of the engine are required. The Icelandic government has established a long term vision for zero percent hydrocarbon fuel emissions, and has been working to increase the use of renewable energy. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is planning to open a DME plant in 2014, in Iceland"; and:

United States Patent Application: 0130008792

As we have by now documented many times, the United States Government, as embodied in the United States Navy, and, by extension, the United States Department of Defense, knows full well that Carbon Dioxide, as is co-produced in only a small way, relative to natural sources of emission, such as volcanoes, from our essential use of Coal in the generation of genuinely abundant and truly affordable electric power, is a valuable raw material resource.

United States Patent: 8337589

Forgive us a certain coarseness, or sloppiness, in style. We were going to wait until the flu that has laid us low for the past half a fortnight or so had passed before attempting any new composition. The discomfort and almost total loss of sleep has ruined what little process of thought we had to begin with; destroyed our abilities to perform any analyses for you; and, made even more obtuse our compositional style.

But we're sort of driven now by a sense, that, if we, here, don't do our darndest to get this stuff to you, there ain't nobody else that gives enough of a hoot about the people of United States Coal Country, and about the economic health of the United States of America, to recognize their own cherished pet projects for the ugly, and dangerous, mutts they are, put those toys down and shoulder back to work with the real king of the energy ring: Coal.

United States Patent Application: 0130001072

Hope y'all can bear with us for awhile. The flu has had us low here for a few weeks and we know our reports have been few and far between, and our compositions awkward, at best. We hope that everything will soon improve; we'll do our best, but we'll have to keep things simple.

United States Patent Application: 0120201717

As we've said before, the pace of development of technologies for, and even the founding of industries focused on, the productive recycling of Carbon Dioxide seems to us to be accelerating, to the point where, we confess, we won't be able to keep you adequately apprised of those developing and emerging CO2-recycling technologies and industries.

For a long time, CO2, along with the Chicken Little-hyped hysteria over its conjectural contribution to global warming and climate change, was the Big Stick used on King Coal by people who have presented themselves as being defenders of our environment; but, who's real motives, we insist, need to be more fully examined; especially in light of news stories such as:

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