First, a few forewords:

Aside from the enclosed document, our discussion herein is more "political" in nature, more of an argumentative dissertation, than our usual reportage of Coal-related science news and technical developments.

We transmit it only at the request, the urging, of one of our casual, part-time advisors, a former chemist, who, in fact, her patience worn out, is abandoning our effort, after having helped to compose our presentation herein. The quality of what we provide in terms of technical explication in the future will likely suffer to some extent, as will perhaps the quality our composition.


Lasse Swärd: Island som ett grönt Saudiarabien - DN.SE

The above link will take you to "Dagens Nyheter", or, literally, we're told, "Today's News", published in Stockholm, Sweden; the March 9, 2013 edition.

"DN" is one of the two largest circulation newspapers in Sweden; which nation, even though it isn't often mentioned on the nightly news, perhaps because, like Switzerland, the wise people of Sweden scrupulously maintain neutrality in their international affairs, anyone who's ever driven, or seen, a Volvo should be at least vaguely cognizant of the fact that they are a completely modern, industrialized nation, and, are, in fact, the home and host of the Nobel Prize.

United States Patent: 7355088


We've made a number of previous reports on the CO2-recycling accomplishments of the prolific Saudi Arabian chemical genius, Agaddin Mamedov; most recently in:


West Virginia Coal Association | Saudi Arabia and Texas CO2 to Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 8,288,446 - Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO2 into Syngas Mixture; 2012; Inventors: Agaddin Mamedov, Texas, and Abdulaziz Al-Jodai, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;

United States Patent: 3996343


We've made a number of previous reports concerning the USDOE Oak Ridge, TN, National Laboratory scientists whose work we again address herein.


There might not be much conceptually new in this dispatch; but, it is becoming apparent to us that the work of these US Government employees, accomplished more than three decades ago, laid the technical foundations for some very recent developments; developments having what we see as rather immense technical implications for the potential of the United States of America to achieve a complete and total, and sustainable, self-sufficiency in terms of energy, and most specifically in terms of her supply of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels, with those fuels being derived from both Coal and Carbon Dioxide.

We have in several reports addressed the issue of Mercury contamination in Coal Ash, especially in Ash generated by Coal-fired power plants where Mercury control systems utilize the Ash, with additive absorbents one way or another applied, as a medium with which to remove Mercury from the exhaust gas.

There are alternatives to that type of Mercury control technique, as we'll address in future reports.

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