United States Patent Application: 0030113244

As seen in one recent report:

West Virginia Coal Association | California Thermochemical Hydrogen Production | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 7,960,063 - Hydrogen Production by a Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycle; 2011; Assignee: The Regents of the University of California; Abstract: A novel thermochemical cycle for the decomposition of water is presented. Along with water, hydrogen, and oxygen, the cycle involves an alkali or alkali earth metal based process intermediate and a variety of reaction intermediates. The cycle is driven by renewable energy sources";

United States Patent: 7960063

The technology for extracting Hydrogen from the Water molecule, H2O, which we submit to you herein might seem as if it would have little applicability to US Coal Country. And, directly, it might not; although there are some possibilities we'll make note of, and remind you of, further on.

This is a process pretty obviously designed for operation in the United States desert southwest, or subtropical southeast, where things like solar thermal concentrators could be built and reliably utilized.

Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #10180379

This dispatch will prove for you a rambling sort of affair, without a lot of truly new information being presented; and, we pray, after sort of having given up on hope, that the cadre of US Coal Country public press journalists who comprise, actually, the larger body of our direct addressee's for these reports, will prove themselves to have both the attention span and the patriotic motivation to follow it through, and will surprise us by doing so.


From time to time over the long course of our reportage documenting the plain fact, that, Coal can, cleanly and efficiently, be converted into quite literally anything we now blindly, like sheep being led to the charnel house gate, insist upon mortgaging our grandchildren's futures to the foreign, alien nations of OPEC to keep ourselves supplied with in the here and now, we've been able to bring you items of corporate literature that say the same thing as plain as day.


United States Patent Application: 0100056356

We've previously documented for you the work of University of Kentucky scientists in the development of technologies for the beneficiation of Coal Ash; that is, making Coal Ash ready for market, as in our report of:

West Virginia Coal Association | University of Kentucky Prepares Coal Ash for Market | Research & Development; concerning:

"United States Patent 6,533,848 - High Quality Polymer Filler and Super-Pozzolan from Fly Ash; 2003; Inventors: Thomas Robi and John Groppo, Kentucky; Assignee: The University of Kentucky, Lexington; Abstract: A novel method for producing fly ash material with a range of particle sizes (as specified) is provided utilizing superplasticizers. The method produces fly ash material suitable for use as filler material in the plastics industry and super pozzolan for the concrete industry".

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