United States Patent Application: 0130144087

We've earlier reported on the Coal and Carbon conversion technologies being developed by the Celanese Corporation, of Texas, which some old-timers will remember to be a better-known company than they seem nowadays to be.

We haven't given them as much attention over the long course of our reportage as perhaps we should have, especially in light of the fact, that, as seen in:

Recycling Carbon Dioxide to Make Plastics | Department of Energy

We're jumping ahead of the narrative to herein bring you a recent news release - - concerning the fact that Carbon Dioxide is a valuable raw material resource which can be chemically consumed and very productively utilized in the synthesis of high-performance plastics - - from our United States Department of Energy.

United States Patent: 8449632

West Virginia University knows how to convert Coal and Carbon-recycling wastes into Petroleum.

We spotted this rather extraordinary West Virginia University technology for converting Coal, in combination with various, some unpleasant, Carbon-recycling materials and wastes, directly into liquid hydrocarbons not long after it was published last year, as:

"US Patent Application 20120091044 - Sewage Material in Coal Liquefaction; April, 2012; Inventor: Alfred H. Stiller; Abstract: The present disclosure provides methods and systems for coal liquefaction using a sewage material. A method of obtaining a de-ashed coal extract includes exposing a coal to a sewage material in the presence of a coal-derived solvent to form a slurry, elevating the temperature of the slurry to facilitate liquefying the coal and liberating a volatile matter, and separating the insoluble components from the slurry to obtain a de-ashed coal extract, wherein the coal extract is suitable for downstream processing".

United States Patent: 8318625

Anyone who hasn't been in a coma for the past four years or so is likely to be aware of what is known as the "Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill" in the Gulf of Mexico, the infamous 2010 environmental disaster.

United States Patent Application: 0130081954

As we earlier reported, via:

West Virginia Coal Association | China Extracts Aluminum Ore from Coal Ash | Research & Development; concerning the news report: "China's Shenua to Produce Alumina from Coal Ash; December 19, 2011; 
China's Shenhua Group began construction Sunday of a coal ash-based alumina refinery in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the official Xinhua news agency said. Shenhua plans to invest Yuan 135.8 billion ($21.4 billion) in the project, deputy manager Ling Wen is quoted as having said. Located in the Jungar coal mining area in Ordos city, the project will include a 6.6 GW power plant, an alumina plant and a gallium plant";

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