United States Patent Application: 0130032470

We remind you that we have made previous report of the fact, that, as seen in:

West Virginia Coal Association | Pittsburgh USDOE Converts CO2 to Methane & Methanol | Research & Development; concerning: "'Visible Light Photoreduction of CO2'; 2009; National Energy Technology Laboratory, USDOE, Pittsburgh, PA; Abstract: A series of ... Titanium Dioxide (catalysts) have been synthesized, characterized, and tested for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 in the presence of H2O. Our results show that these ... materials are capable of catalyzing the photoreduction of CO2 using visible light illumination ... . The ... analysis shows that the primary reaction product is CH4"; and:

United States Patent Application: 0130150466

We've made a number of reports now on the Carbon Dioxide recycling and utilization technologies developed and being developed by and for the Saudi Arabian company, Saudi Basics Industries Corporation, who, though headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, one if the hearts of OPEC, have established a significant outpost in Texas, where some of their CO2-recycling scientists have set up shop.

United States Patent: 8465561

Not long ago, as accessible via:

West Virginia Coal Association | WVU May 28, 2013, Carbon-recycling Coal Liquefaction | Research & Development;

we made report to you of:

"United States Patent 8,449,632 - Sewage Material in Coal Liquefaction; May 28, 2013; Inventor: Alfred H. Stiller, Morgantown, WV; Assignee: West Virginia University; Abstract: The present disclosure provides methods and systems for coal liquefaction using a sewage material. A method of obtaining a de-ashed coal extract includes exposing a coal to a sewage material in the presence of a coal-derived solvent to form a slurry, elevating the temperature of the slurry to facilitate liquefying the coal and liberating a volatile matter, and separating the insoluble components from the slurry to obtain a de-ashed coal extract, wherein the coal extract is suitable for downstream processing. The method ... wherein the coal-derived solvent is selected from a group comprising recycled liquefied coal, coal tar distillate, and coal tar pitch. Tetralin has been used as a donor solvent. However, a large overpressure of hydrogen and high temperature is needed to transfer the hydrogen from the gas phase to naphthalene, which is produced when tetralin is dehydrogenated as it transfers hydrogen to coal molecules. Thus, in situ re-hydrogenation during liquefaction can be rather costly.In an aspect, the present invention provides methods and systems for inexpensively producing an effective solvent to digest coal. Alternatively, the methods and systems may enhance the dissolution ability of heavy aromatic oils by the addition of a hydrogenated liquid. In an embodiment, the hydrogenated liquid may be partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable oil";

Logan Banner - TransGas has signed on to build the coal to liquid plant

We won't be composing a "CoalTL" report on this current WV news story; but, we thought at least some of our addressee's, those who hadn't seen it, might be interested in the info:

"WILLIAMSON — One of the biggest construction firms in the world has signed on to build the coal-to-liquid plant proposed for Mingo County.

When constructed, the facility that will convert 7,500 tons of regional coal into premium grade ultraclean gasoline, producing 18,000 barrels per day (756,000 gallons).

Read more: Logan Banner - TransGas has signed on to build the coal to liquid plant "

United States Patent Application: 0130152596

This will be an overlong, rambling dispatch; and, we apologize for that. But, the point we hope and intend to make herein is one we have often repeated; one which, the sooner it's recognized and accepted, will make our lives in US Coal Country, in the entire United States of America, indeed, in the entire world, better:

Carbon Dioxide, as it arises in only a small way, relative to natural sources of emission, such as the Earth's inexorable processes of planetary volcanism, from our essential use of Coal in the generation of abundant, reliable and truly affordable electric power, is a precious, even a vital, resource.

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