United States Patent: 8505735

We've documented many times that the Ash which is co-produced by our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of truly reliable and genuinely affordable electric power can be and should be treated as a valuable resource.

Aside from it's indisputable and well-established utility as a raw material for the making of Portland-type cement and as a property-enhancing fine aggregate for blending into cement, to make stronger, more chemically resistant concrete, Coal Ash can also, as explained by our USDOE in:

United States Patent: 8506910

We have documented for you now in numerous reports, as most recently in:

West Virginia Coal Association | CO2-to-Methanol Supported by World's Largest Methanol Supplier | Research & Development; concerning the news release: "'Methanex and Carbon Recycling International Sign Landmark Investment Agreement for Advanced Renewable Fuel Production'; July 30, 2013; REYKJAVIK, ICELAND - Methanex Corporation ... announced today an initial $5 million investment in Carbon Recycling International (CRI), a privately held company with headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. Methanex will also evaluate further investments to support CRI's growth. CRI operates the world's first renewable methanol plant in Iceland which utilizes its emissions-to- liquids (ETL) technology, converting renewable energy and recycled CO2 emissions to renewable methanol";

United States Patent Application: 0110155971

As seen most recently in our report of:

West Virginia Coal Association | USDOE Sunlight Converts CO2 into Methane | Research & Development; concerning: "US Patent Application 20130079577 - Synthesis of Photocatalysts for Solar Fuel Generation; 2013; Inventor: Brian Ingram, et. al., IL and TN; Assignee: UChicago Argonne, LLC, Chicago; Abstract: In one preferred embodiment, a photocatalyst for conversion of carbon dioxide and water to a hydrocarbon and oxygen ... . Government Interests: The United States Government has rights in this invention pursuant to Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357 between the United States Government and UChicago Argonne, LLC representing Argonne National Laboratory. Claims: A photocatalyst for conversion of carbon dioxide and water into a hydrocarbon and oxygen (and, a) method of converting carbon dioxide and water into a hydrocarbon and oxygen comprising exposing a gaseous mixture of carbon dioxide and water to sun light in the presence of a photocatalyst ... . This invention relates to the energy efficient photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide gas and water vapor to methane and other hydrocarbon fuels, particularly promoted by sunlight";

Methanex - Methanex and Carbon Recycling International Sign Landmark Investment Agreement for Advanced Renewable Fuel Producti

We've provided you with quite a few reports by now, originating from a variety of impeccably credible sources, that document the rather immense value waiting to be extracted from that freely-available natural raw material resource: Carbon Dioxide.

Among those reports are a number chronicling the establishment, by the company Carbon Recycling International, of a CO2-to-Methanol factory in the nation of Iceland. As seen, for example, in:

United States Patent: 8500987

We've documented for you in several reports the development, some of it supported by the US Government, by scientists at New Jersey's Princeton University, of technologies wherein Carbon Dioxide, as reclaimed from whatever handy source, can be converted efficiently into, among other things, fuel alcohols.

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