United States Patent: 8093351

We herein reintroduce a technical concept and process for the utilization and consumption of Carbon Dioxide, one which results in the synthesis of a high-value product wherein the CO2 is permanently, and very productively, "sequestered".

And, we regret, that, since we have more lately been focusing, in our reports concerning the productive utilization of Carbon Dioxide, on those technologies, as seen for example in our reports of:

United States Patent: 8470291

As should be clear from our many reports concerning the matter, as in, for a few examples:

West Virginia Coal Association | Shell Oil Coal + CO2 + H2O = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 7,829,601 - Partial Oxidation Process of a Solid Carbonaceous Feed; 2010; Inventors: Johannes Ploeg, et. al., The Netherlands; Assignee: Shell Oil Company, Texas; Abstract: The invention is directed to a process for preparing a mixture comprising CO and H2 by operating a partial oxidation process of a solid carbonaceous feed, which process comprises the steps of:(Supplying) the solid carbonaceous feed and an oxygen-containing stream to a burner, wherein a CO2 containing transport gas is used to transport the solid carbonaceous feed to the burner"; and:

United States Patent Application: 0100205856

Our United States Government owns, has the technologies in hand, to, as a practical matter, extract Carbon Dioxide from the air around us and, using freely-available environmental energy to drive the processes, to convert that CO2 into any form of hydrocarbon fuel, or plastics manufacturing raw material, we now import from OPEC.

Imagine, if you will, that, one evening, maybe while you're lounging on the sofa and comfortably watching your favorite TV show, out of the night, a gang of thugs bursts into your home, beats you up, casts you out your door into the yard, and begins looting your home, stealing and carrying away all your possessions, everything you had, over the course of a lifetime, accumulated.


United States Patent: 8524066

By way of introduction, and apology, this will be an overly-long report dealing with a relatively minor component of exhaust streams emanating from Coal-fired electric power generation plants,.

It will be the first of several, related and similar; and, we will explain further on why we feel compelled to address it. As will be seen in one or two reports to follow, there might be some very intriguing and synergistic ways in which it could be applied.

United States Patent Application: 0130213795

We did, by the way, resist the urge to title this dispatch "Men In Black Ray Guns Convert Coal into Hydrocarbon Syngas". Our subject herein, the recently-published "United States Patent Application 20130213795 - Heavy Fossil Hydrocarbon Conversion And Upgrading Using Radio-Frequency or Microwave Energy", comes to us from two Federal agencies; agencies which our guess is not too many people living and working in the heart of US Coal Country have heard much, if anything at all, about.

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