United States Patent: 8557880

We've made a number of reports so far concerning the very major Coal Country corporate citizen, Bayer Corporation, who, as we've noted once or twice previously, do take their status as such a "citizen" pretty seriously, and make it a company priority to try and be a good one.

We don't know what the correct legal label to apply would be, but, anyone familiar at all with Bayer Corporation in the United States, with their corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh and with a couple of manufacturing sites in West Virginia, among quite a few other places, knows that they are a subsidiary, or operating branch, of the international giant Bayer AG, headquartered in Germany.

United States Patent: 5601643

We've documented from time to time that the addition of Coal Ash to Portland Cement, PC, as a component of the mix that comprises Portland Cement Concrete, PCC, can result in a final concrete composite product that has physical properties markedly superior to those of conventional PCC.


The United States Department of Energy confirmed, in November, 2009, that it is now both technically and economically feasible to begin synthesizing the fuel alcohol Methanol from Water and Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide, in other words, as it arises in only a small way, relative to all-natural and un-taxable sources of CO2 emission, such as the Earth's inexorable processes of planetary volcanism, from our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of truly abundant and truly affordable electric power, is a valuable, maybe even a precious, a strategically critical, raw material resource.

United States Patent Application: 0120231948

As we've explained and documented in several previous reports, such as, more recently:

West Virginia Coal Association | France Efficient CO2 to Carbon Monoxide Conversion | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent Application 20030113244 - Method for Producing Carbon Monoxide by Reverse Conversion with an Adapted Catalyst; 2003; Assignee: Air Liquide (France); Abstract: The invention concerns a method for producing carbon monoxide by reverse conversion, in gas phase, of carbonic acid gas and gaseous hydrogen while minimising the production of methane (and) is preferably carried out continuously and comprises preferably the following steps which consist in: preparing a gas mixture rich in carbon dioxide and in hydrogen (and) reacting said gas mixture, forming carbon monoxide and water vapour, by passing said mixture through a catalytic bed based on zinc oxide and chromium oxide. The invention relates to a process for the production of carbon monoxide by reverse conversion, in the gas phase, of hydrogen and carbon dioxide";

United States Patent Application: 0130192975

We've documented many times for you over recent years that the art and science of harnessing freely available Solar heat and/or light energy to effect the catalyzed conversion of Carbon Dioxide, as is so fortuitously co-produced by our combustion of Coal during the generation of truly abundant and truly affordable electric power from our by far most abundant fossil energy resource, and Hydrogen, as extracted, again using environmental energy to drive the process, from plain old Water, into various hydrocarbons and alcohols, such as Methanol and substitute natural gas Methane, has been evolving and improving around the world.

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