GE - General Electric Company: Jiutai Group Selects GE?s High-Pressure Gasification Solution for Coal-to-Methanol Expansion Pr

We'll try to keep it relatively brief today, since, based on the evidence we're seen so far, people, even in US Coal Country, are more interested in the results of yesterday's holiday football games than they are in the fact that the United States of America is helping her greatest competitor on the world stage commercialize and advance a technology, and an industry, that, if all of America were freely informed of it and empowered to utilize it, could free and prevent all US citizens from further indenturing, enslaving, their children's and their grandchildren's economic, and political to be honest, futures to the tender, loving nations of OPEC.

In light of some recently-published confirmations of technical achievements, which we'll be making report of in coming days, we wanted to reintroduce a subject we had begun to treat in a few previous dispatches.

Right up front, though, we'll tell you what the gist of it all will be:

Carbon Dioxide, as is emitted in only a small way, relative to some uncontrollable and un-taxable sources of emission, such as the Earth's inexorable processes of planetary volcanism, from our essential use of Coal in the generation of truly abundant and truly affordable electric power, is a valuable raw material resource.

United States Patent: 3963598

We'll open our discussion of the United States patent on Coal liquefaction technology - - a technology designed to produce a synthetic crude petroleum, suitable for processing in standard oil refineries, from Coal, which was developed by an agency that became a part of our US Department of Energy better that thirty-five years ago, back, fittingly we think, during the bicentennial celebration of our United States independence - - with an excerpt from the very last line of the full Disclosure, after a semi-graphic analysis of the total process costs, including chemical plant labor, for, on an industrial scale, effecting that conversion of Coal into synthetic liquid petroleum:

"Total Unit Cost: 8.02 cent/gal".

United States Patent Application: 0130237618

About three and half years ago, back in April of 2010, in our report of:

West Virginia Coal Association | Japan's Mitsui Recycles CO2 | Research & Development; concerning the article: "'Establishing an Innovative Technology to Synthesize Methanol from CO2'; On May 23, 2009, a pilot plant at the Mitsui Chemicals Osaka Works became the first site in the world to synthesize methanol from it's carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust. Methanol can be used to make the raw materials for plastics";

Shenhua shows the way to make gas from coal

Anyone in Coal Country who was ever entertained by the old TV series "Kung Fu", or who got into the old Bruce Lee "Dragon" movies, might have been exposed to, and vaguely remember, squeezed in between all the fancy, flashy butt-kicking those video exercises were really all about, the occasional mention of, and earnest genuflection to, the over-arching spiritual credo all those head-knocking, bone-busting oriental warrior monks and priests supposedly ascribed to:

The Tao.

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