United States Patent: 8597503

First, we remind you, that, as seen in our report of:

West Virginia Coal Association | WVU Says Oil From Coal Could Sustain Us For 1,000 Years | Research & Development; concerning a report made by West Virginia University to the United States Department of Energy: "'Development of Continuous Solvent Extraction Processes For Coal Derived Carbon Products'; December 31, 2009; Authors: Elliot Kennel, et. al.; Research Organization: West Virginia University; Sponsoring Organization: US Department of Energy; Contract Number: FC26-03NT41873"; and, which WVU report said, in part: "The coal liquefaction process described herein is suitable for expansion to multiple millions of barrels per day of crude oil that in turn can be upgraded using standard refining processes. It is therefore possible for the United States to reduce or eliminate the 12 million barrels per day of liquid crude that it currently imports";

United States Patent Application: 0130122381

West Virginia University has invented a "battery" system which can be recharged by solar- or wind-, and we would presume hydro-, generated electricity; and, which battery, upon discharge, splits Carbon Dioxide and Water into Oxygen, and, into a blend of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, that is, into a hydrocarbon synthesis gas suitable for the catalytic synthesis of hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals.

Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis

Carbon Dioxide, as is fortuitously co-produced by our essential use of Coal in the generation of truly abundant and truly affordable electric power, is a valuable, maybe even a precious, raw material resource.

We can reclaim Carbon Dioxide from whatever source most convenient to us, whether the flue gases of power plants fired by Coal or even the atmosphere itself, and, then, convert that Carbon Dioxide, using freely available environmental energies to drive the processes, into any and all sorts of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

United States Patent: 8597382

Just in time for Christmas, 2013, our US Government granted - - and verified the truth of - - a claim made by West Virginia University:

Coal, in combination with certain sustainable and Carbon-recycling wastes and with certain renewable and Carbon-recycling agricultural produce, can be directly and efficiently converted, on a practical basis, into synthetic crude petroleum.


United States Patent: 8592633

Before getting to our primary subject herein, we remind you of our many previous reports on the Carbon Dioxide-recycling New Jersey company, "Liquid Light, Incorporated", which company was founded on the CO2-utilization technologies initially established, with some of the development funded by our United States Government, in the Princeton University labs of Professor Andrew Bocarsly, about whom we've reported, for one example, in:

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