As we reported in:

West Virginia Coal Association | USDOE Demonstrates Economic Feasibility of Coal Liquefaction | Research & Development; concerning the USDOE-financed research project:

"Feasibility Of Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCL) In The Modern Economic Climate; Final Report for the period June 25, 2008, through June 30, 2009; U.S. Department of Energy; National Energy Technology Laboratory;  Pittsburgh, PA; Prepared by: Benjamin G. Oster, et. al.; University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND; Cooperative Agreement Number DE-FC26-08NT43291 (Subtask 3.3)";

United States Patent Application: 0130256147

We've been documenting for a few years now that we, all we citizens of the United States of America, can kick OPEC out the door as our primary suppliers of liquid hydrocarbon fuels, and stop bringing radium-tainted water extracted from the abyss to the Earth's surface, by turning to a perhaps unlikely-seeming pair of energy allies:

You, especially those of you United States citizens resident in United States Coal Country, are being cheated.

All of us are being cheated.

And, your - - and your children's, and your grandchildren's - - children are being denied the opportunity for economic prosperity and complete and total security within the borders of the United States of America.

We often document for you the facts, that, as seen for a few examples in our reports of:

West Virginia Coal Association | Standard Oil 1941 Improvements in Syngas Processing | Research & Development; concerning: "United States Patent 2,266,161 - Process for Reacting Hydrogen and Oxides of Carbon; 1941; Standard Oil Development Company; Abstract: This invention is more particularly directed to process involving reactions between carbon monoxide and hydrogen, such as the production of methanol and other alcohols, 'synthol' and similar mixtures of liquid hydrocarbons and oxyorganic compounds. This invention, however, especially relates to the manufacture of hydrocarbon constituents containing more than one carbon atom in the molecule by a process involving the hydrogenation of oxides of carbon in which the rapid exothermic reaction is controlled in a manner that the temperature of the reaction does not vary without the predetermined critical temperature range whereby higher yields of products of improved quality are obtained"; and:


United States Patent Application: 0130134049

Our apologies to our readers: Our headline is only peripherally related to the technical core of our dispatch.

And, our apologies to the company who now prefer to be known as "BP".

But, although the geographic and technical scope of their enterprises might have broadened over the years, "British Petroleum" is how some of us geezers came to know, and still remember them, as.

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