We have, over the long course of our reportage, suggested a number of times that proposals for the mandated geologic "sequestration" of Carbon Dioxide, as extracted from the exhaust gases of our economically essential Coal-fired power plants, and as conducted all at the expense of the consumers of Coal-based electrical power, constitute a scam, a deceptive taking of a valuable raw material resource.

United States Patent: 8158029

As we've documented for you now to the point of tedium, Coal can be converted indirectly into liquid hydrocarbon fuels via the nearly-ancient Fischer-Tropsch process, wherein Coal is first partially oxidized, or incompletely combusted, "gasified', to produce a mixture of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, "synthesis gas", or "syngas", which syngas is then passed over and through any one of a number of known catalysts and is thereby chemically condensed into liquid and/or gaseous hydrocarbons.

United States Patent Application: 0130331616

We've many times reported on the Carbon Dioxide utilization achievements of Nobel Prize-winner George Olah, and his colleagues, at the University of Southern California, as, for one example, in:

West Virginia Coal Association | Southern California Recycles More CO2 | Research & Development; wherein we documented, that, over the course of a decade, as in:


We have, of course, many times documented the fact that the nation of South Africa, via the company "Sasol", which some report to mean "South Africa Synthetic Oil Limited", has been quite successfully converting Coal into liquid fuels for transportation for more than half a century.

We've made previous reports concerning the work of University of Illinois system professors Richard Masel and Paul Kenis in the development of processes and technologies for the energy-efficient conversion, the recycling, of Carbon Dioxide into, especially, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

Sadly, our too-casual system of labeling and head-lining our dispatches leaves us unable to find and reference for you any of our past reports concerning them and their CO2-recycling achievements, as they are no doubt resident somewhere in the West Virginia Coal Association's Research and Development archives.

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