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Germany Awarded 2011 CO2 Recycling US Patent | Research & Development | News; concerning:

"United States Patent 7,989,507 - Production of Fuel ... Utilizing Waste Carbon Dioxide; August, 2011; Inventor: Bruce Rising, Florida; Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (AG), Munich, Germany; Abstract: The present invention is directed to a method for utilizing CO2 waste comprising recovering carbon dioxide from an industrial process that produces a waste stream comprising carbon dioxide (and, which) further includes producing hydrogen using a renewable energy resource and producing a hydrocarbon material utilizing the produced hydrogen and the recovered carbon dioxide. The process ... wherein the producing hydrogen is done by electrolysis of water using electricity generated from the renewable energy resource, and wherein the renewable energy resource comprises wind or solar energy ... .The process ... wherein the producing hydrogen further comprises producing oxygen as a by-product and using the oxygen in a downstream process. The process ... further comprising using electricity produced from the renewable energy resource to reduce an amount of carbon dioxide to a first amount of carbon monoxide and oxygen. The process ... wherein the oxygen is utilized in the gasification of a carbon feedstock to produce a second amount of carbon monoxide, and wherein the second amount of carbon monoxide is utilized in a downstream process. The process ,,, wherein at least one of the first amount or the second amount of the carbon monoxide and the produced hydrogen are converted to methanol via a catalytic process. The present invention relates to a method and system for producing fuel materials from waste carbon dioxide using renewable resources, and more particularly to a method and system for producing fuel materials from carbon dioxide recovered from a waste stream of an industrial process and hydrogen produced using renewable energy resources. The inventors of the present invention have developed a novel method and system for utilizing waste carbon dioxide for the production of useful fuel materials. In one aspect of the present invention, the present invention provides a novel, efficient, and economical method and system for producing useful fuel materials, i.e. methane, methanol carbon monoxide, syngas, gasoline products, and/or other fuel materials, from carbon dioxide recovered from carbon dioxide-containing waste streams via hydrogen produced by renewable energy resources";

United States Patent Application: 0140024800

We've documented for you previously, as in, for just several examples, our reports of:

Bayer Is Converting Coal Power Plant CO2 Into Plastics | Research & Development | News; concerning a report about the German parent of our Pittsburgh, PA, Bayer Corporation: "Bayer Material Science CO2-to-Plastics Pilot Plant, Germany; In February 2011, Bayer MaterialScience started a new pilot plant (in   the) North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany for producing plastics from   carbon dioxide (CO2). It will be used to develop   polyurethanes from the waste gas released during power generation. The Leverkusen pilot plant will test a new   process technology on technical scale for producing raw material of polyurethane. ... Bayer aims to use CO2 as an alternative to production of polymer materials from   fossil fuels.  The CO2 thus acts   as a substitute for the petroleum production of plastics. The waste carbon dioxide gas is recycled and used   as a raw material in the pilot plant. It produces polyether polycarbonate   polyols (PPPs), the chemical precursor which is processed into polyurethanes. The CO2 feedstock   for the pilot plant will be supplied from a lignite power plant in   Niederaussem, operated by RWE Power. The Niederaussem Coal Innovation Center   at the plant, also operated by the utility company, has a CO2 scrubbing system for separating it from flue gases"; and:


We've presented you now with a number of reports concerning the, in large part US Government-sponsored, development of Coal-to-Liquid technology and industry in the neighboring Rocky Mountain and northern Plains states of North Dakota and Montana.

We alerted you, for instance, long ago to the once-planned "Many Stars" Coal liquefaction project, intended to be built by the Crow Nation in the state of Montana. We can't at this time track down any of our few prior reports concerning Many Stars, a project that appears to have been thwarted and now lies dormant; but, for as long as the web site remains active, more can be learned about it via:

United States Patent: 8658561

Our headline on this dispatch might be seen as a bit of an extrapolation; but, not too much of one, we think.

Our apologies to anyone who might take exception.

To explain, we first remind you of technology developed by WVU scientists, as in our report of: 

United States Patent: 8658554

One might be tempted to call it treason.

Genuine patriots in the employ of our United States Government, as that Government is impeccably embodied in the United States Navy, have laid the foundations for the United States of America to become completely self-sufficient in her supply of liquid hydrocarbon fuels and, thus, to end, to sever forever, her crippling, debasing, enslaving and junkie-like dependence on OPEC oil.

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