United States Patent: 4041095
This will be a quite lengthy dispatch. But, we believe the length to be warranted, especially since it could have been much, much longer.
Starting with the first link, above, we enclose a series of seven, sequentially-issued United States Patents, all awarded to the Mobil Oil Corporation, for advances in the technology of converting our abundant domestic Coal into the liquid transportation fuels we need.

ScienceDirect - Progress in Energy and Combustion Science : Coal: Energy for the future
The enclosed is more of an op-ed piece than an informative explanation of how Coal can be economically converted into liquid fuels.
But, the sources - MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, and the National Research Council - are of such unimpeachable character that we believe them when they say that we can make premium liquid fuel from Coal that would be "competitive with 25-30 $/bbl imported crude oil".
However astute these researchers must be, however, they apparently did not, as they wrote this, in 1995, foresee or anticipate the dramatic and sudden magnitude of the effect domestic US politics and international affairs would have on the price of imported oil. 

Patent US3671209
Following up on our most recent dispatch, concerning yet another US Patent, Number 2,243,869 - Method of Synthesizing Liquid Hydrocarbons, issued to the company M.W, Kellogg, now a part of Kellogg, Brown & Root, which confirms that Methane can be converted into Gasoline, we herein confirm that Methane can, indeed, be manufactured from Coal - and, other "stuff".
We enclose three United States Patents, all issued to Texaco, whose Coal gasification technology we've previously established.

Production of Syngas by CO2 Reforming on MxLa1-xNi0.3Al0.7O3-d (M = Li, Na, K) Catalysts - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry.
As we have previously reported from various sources, the "dry reforming" of Methane is a process wherein Methane is reacted with Carbon Dioxide to synthesize higher hydrocarbons. Variants of the technology have been referred to as "bi-reforming" and, "tri-reforming", such as explained best for us so far by Penn State University.
The report we submit herein, from Iran, doesn't make all of that especially clear. But, we assure you, that is what it's all about.

Patent US2243869  

In many of our posts, we have presented authoritative documentation that Methane can be produced, synthesized, variously, from both Coal and Carbon Dioxide, among other interesting things.
Most recently, we submitted "United States Patent 4,235,044" for a "Split Stream Methanation Process", awarded in 1980 to Union Carbide Corporation, detailing one such technology for making Methane from Coal.
And, we intend confirming that fact in yet another dispatch soon to follow.

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