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Happy Tax Day!

Are you citizens of US Coal Country ready to start paying Cap and Trade Carbon taxes to Uncle Sam, on top of the income taxes you paid today, April 15, for the privilege of getting your sorry tails out of bed each and every day and heading off to work in the mines, fields, factories and forests?



A little more than a year and a half ago, we alerted you that an almost-comprehensive handbook concerning the productive utilization and consumption of Coal Ash had been composed by experts employed by the Wisconsin Electric Power company, now "We Energies".

Our report about that handbook remains accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site via:

Wisconsin Coal Ash Utilization Guidebook Available | Research & Development | News.

United States Patent Application: 0130331616

Astonished. Dumfounded. Dismayed.

Gotta be honest folks, relative to our Coal Country press and other news media:

Their ongoing silence in the face of revolutionary news related to our economically essential use of Coal in the generation of genuinely abundant and truly affordable electric power, that news pertaining to the amazing potentials that have now been demonstrated for recycling the byproducts of our Coal use in ways that could end our economic enslavement to the global money masters of OPEC, cannot do anything but call to mind a famous quote that we've used in this, and another somewhat more personal, connection previously:

02/07/2014: EPA Evaluation Finds Use of Coal Ash in Concrete and Wallboard Appropriate

This is an EPA news release from just a few months ago, sort of reaffirming their prior approval and promotion of the use of Coal ash in "encapsulated" applications, specifically as an aggregate in, or additive to, cement and concrete.

Their reaffirmation also includes the use of desulfurization synthetic gypsum in wallboard.

United States Patent: 8663365

As we've documented for you now so many times that it's beginning to feel silly to try to tell you more about it - - especially given the intransigent disinterest of our Coal Country press in the issue, an issue that could both free our vital Coal and Coal-use industries from the counter-productive and predatory threat of Cap and Trade Carbon taxes, and other CO2-scare follies - - the United States Navy has developed an entire suite of technologies that will, in some cases using environmental energy to drive the processes, first, extract Carbon Dioxide from the environment, and, then, convert that Carbon Dioxide, in combination with Hydrogen concurrently extracted from the water molecule, H2O, into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

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