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As excerpted from your enclosed and attached piece:
"a new cap and trade bill could be killed by just two senators - Robert Byrd and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. Rockefeller and Byrd "could kill this in five minutes if they really wanted to".
Give 'em some ammo to kill it with.
CO2 can be recycled.
We earlier made report, among many others similar, of:
"United States Patent 3,779,725 - Coal Gasification; 1973; Assignee: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., PA.
Abstract: A method for producing a synthetic pipeline gas by reacting a carbonaceous fuel in a gasifier to form a gas and thereafter subjecting the gas to additional process steps including a final cryogenic separation of high methane content gas for use as the pipeline gas."
wherein it was demonstrated that Methane, or "high methane content gas",  could be efficiently synthesized from Coal.

Production of hydrocarbon synthesis gas from coal

We have documented, in several recent posts, that the science and the technology for the conversion of Coal into more versatile hydrocarbons, such as liquid fuels and organic chemical manufacturing raw materials, is so highly-evolved and well-understood, that a number of Big Oil companies have jumped on the boat - by patenting technologies for both the liquefaction of Coal, and for the further conversion and liquefaction of the still-carbonaceous residues resulting from primary Coal liquefaction processes.
As with the FMC Corporation and ARCO patents for Coal conversion, some of which we have already documented, with reports on others to follow, which we believe to have arisen from their participation in the United States Government-sponsored development, by FMC, of the "COED" Coal conversion process in a New Jersey pilot plant, the oil industry patents on technologies for the further conversion of Coal liquefaction residues might themselves have evolved from research originally sponsored and paid for by the Federal Government; in other words, by all of us.

Patent US3700586
On April 17 of this year, we posted, to the West Virginia Coal Association, report of:
"United States Patent 3,972,958 - Conversion of Coal to High-Octane Gasoline; 1976; Mobil Oil;Abstract: An integrated process for converting coal to high octane gasoline ... ."
We have been, as one of the several themes in the course of our reportage, documenting the concurrent development of Coal liquefaction technologies by both Mobil Oil and Exxon prior to their merger, which finally led, we contend, to their current promotion of the ExxonMobil MTG(r), methanol-to-gasoline, process, wherein the methanol is posited to be made from Coal.
We submit the enclosed selection now for a couple of reasons. 

Process for producing high purity hydrogen from hydrocarbon gas and steam
As we have reported, supplemental Hydrogen is required in processes intended to fully convert Coal, which is mostly Carbon, into Hydrocarbons which can then be refined into liquid and gaseous fuels; and, into raw materials for Plastics, and other chemicals, manufacturing.
As we have also reported, various technologies have been invented and implemented to provide that supplemental Hydrogen; including the use of, in direct Coal conversion technologies, such as WVU's "West Virginia Process", hydrogen-donor solvents.
As we have further documented, supplemental Hydrogen, for indirect Coal conversion technologies, wherein a highly-carbonaceous synthesis gas is first generated from Coal, can be directly produced, as an integral function of the overall conversion process, through reactions between Steam and hot Coal.

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