United States Patent: 4197421
We have previously cited the US Department of Energy scientist, Meyer Steinberg, at the DOE's Brookhaven National Laboratory, in New York.
Herein, it's seen that, three decades ago, Steinberg, and our own United States Government, developed and patented a technology that would enable us to both capture and recycle atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.

United States Patent: 4659743
We have cited the US Government's Coal scientists, Rao and Gormley, named herein as the inventors, previously.
As with many of our reports, the technology disclosed in this 33 years-old United States Coal Conversion Patent doesn't tell us how to efficiently liquefy Coal; it being, for us, a given that we can do so. But, it is a disclosure of a variation on indirect Coal conversion technology that might allow us to do it more efficiently, and with, perhaps, some opportunity to target synthesis of a more variable range of hydrocarbon products having a greater range of utilities and applications.

We remind you of our very recent dispatch concerning the United States Patent, Number 3,779,725, for Coal Gasification, which was self-described as a "method for producing high methane content gas", from Coal.
It was, we believe, only our latest of multiple reports, with others to follow, demonstrating that Methane can be manufactured via processes based on the gasification of Coal, with added steam or water.
And, we call your attention to our dispatch of yesterday: "Pittsburgh DOE Methane to Gasoline", wherein USDOE scientists based in Pittsburgh verified another technical route, in addition to others we've already reported which have been developed and established by other entities, primarily oil companies, that would enable us, once we have synthesized Methane, either from Coal; or, via Sabatier-type processes, from Carbon Dioxide, to make Gasoline. 

Patent US2467966
In light of recent press articles regarding the Cap and Trade battles looming for our Coal-state national elected representatives, we made it a priority to further document that Carbon Dioxide is a valuable raw material resource from which we can synthesize needed hydrocarbons.
Herein, via the above link and following excerpts, we document that the oil industry, and our own US Government, have, officially, known that fact to be true for more than sixty years.

United States Patent: 3847567
Previously, we forwarded a report by Pittsburgh, PA, USDOE scientists Charles Taylor and Richard Noceti, entitled "Conversion of Methane to Gasoline-Range Hydrocarbons", as only our latest submission of evidence that Gasoline can be synthesized from Methane.
And, we will be sending along another, similar, report, by Taylor, documenting that Methanol, as well, can be produced from Methane conversion.
Herein, via the above link and following excerpt, we demonstrate, yet again, that the petroleum industry and, as embodied in the Patent Office, at least, our own US Government, have known for at least more than a quarter of a century that such useful Methane can be efficiently generated from Coal. 

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