United States Patent: 4443321
In a previous dispatch, we reported on a NASA-developed Coal liquefaction technology, specified as:
"US Patent 4,121,995 - Surfactant-assisted Liquefaction of Particulate Carbon Substances; 1978.".
Not content with only one way to make liquid rocket fuel out of Coal, our space rangers kept at it, and, six years later, came up with:
"United States Patent 4,443,321 - Supercritical Solvent Coal Extraction

Production of synthetic hydrocarbons from air, water and low cost electrical power
For very nearly thirty years, since 1981, our United States Government has known that we can make Gasoline from Carbon Dioxide, Water and Electricity.
Some extended discussion follows brief excerpts from the above link to, and attached file of:
"United States Patent 4,282,187 - Hydrocarbons from Air, Water and ... Electrical Power

DOE - Fossil Energy: Innovative Concepts for Beneficial Reuse of CO2 Projects
The enclosed link leads to an announcement by the United States Department of Energy. It details a number of research and development projects, funded by President Obama's Economic Recovery Act, that are to be focused on the recycling, in various ways, of Carbon Dioxide.
We're certain none of this makes President Obama very popular in West Texas, but the projects should be of interest to everyone in West Virginia, and to everyone else in US Coal Country.
Of most interest to us is the plain fact that the Administration recognizes and proclaims that there can be such a thing as a "beneficial reuse of Carbon Dioxide".

United States Patent: 3988237
We have documented several times previously the Coal hydrogenation plant operated by the old Union Carbide Corporation, just south of Charleston, WV, some decades ago.
And, we have cited one or two of the Union Carbide scientists named in this United States Patent previously, in documentation of other Coal conversion innovations resulting from their Charleston-area activities.
Our purpose in this dispatch is to again document that the Hydrogen needed to hydrogenate primarily carbonaceous Coal can be expediently obtained from Water.

United States Patent: 4497970
We have been documenting to the point of tedium that Methane can be synthesized from either Carbon Dioxide, via the Sabatier technique, or, from Coal, via processes of Steam gasification.
We have also documented that other simple hydrocarbons, such as ethane and ethylene, can be similarly manufactured from the same raw materials.

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