United States Patent: 8709304

We remind you, that, among the many amazing achievements now being seen around the world, with none of them being reported openly and publicly to us here in United States Coal Country - - where the implications of those achievements could be of profound direct benefit to the economic and environmental security of the United States of America, and of indirect benefit to our essential United States Coal-fired power generation industries - - are those wherein it's seen that Carbon Dioxide can be harvested from our environment, or from industrial exhaust gases, and then, in some cases using freely-available environmental energies to drive the processes, that Carbon Dioxide can be converted into any and all forms of hydrocarbon gases and liquids.

United States Patent: 4728418

We first note that we have documented a number of times that various technologies for converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels had been developed at the University of Utah.

United States Patent: 8691069

Friends, we're coming down to it here.

Either you care about the United States of America - her people and her ideals - or, you don't.

Either you care about the present and future security of your own children, or, you don't.

Either you care about the Truth, or, you don't.


As we've documented to the point of tedium, as for one example in our report of:

Coal Ash Concrete More Durable, Resists Chemical Attack | Research & Development | News; concerning: "United States Patent 5,772,752 - Sulfate and Acid Resistant Concrete and Mortar; 1998; Assignee: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark; Abstract: The present invention relates to concrete, mortar and other hardenable mixtures comprising cement and fly ash for use in construction and other applications, which hardenable mixtures demonstrate significant levels of acid and sulfate resistance";

United States Patent: 8586353

As regular readers know, when it comes to the now undeniable, irrefutable fact that Carbon Dioxide - - as is fortuitously co-produced during our economically essential combustion of Coal in the generation of truly abundant, truly reliable and truly affordable electric power - - is a valuable raw material resource which we can reclaim, and then convert into such seemingly-needful things as liquid fuels, plastics manufacturing raw materials, and substitute natural gas Methane, we, here, much prefer to expose the direct, chemical routes for accomplishing such transmutations, like that seen most recently, and for one example, in our report of:  

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