United States Patent: 4183733
We recently reported on a United States Patent, for a Coal-to-Hydrocarbon invention made in West Virginia, by Union Carbide scientists, wherein most of the needed heat energy required to drive the entire system, as in other, similar Coal conversion technologies, was derived from one of the steps in the overall process.
Herein, we see that our United States Government again acknowledged the reality of that great Coal transmutation economy, via it's award of a United States Patent, to German inventors, for a Coal conversion process that produces so much of it's own needed energy that it can be described as "autothermic". 

United States Patent: 4364818
We have made several reports documenting what appears to have been the US Government-sponsored development of Coal liquefaction technologies by the former Gulf Oil Corporation, once headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.
We have also made note of the participation, in those development efforts, of Gulf's Coal-mining subsidiary, the Pittsburg(KS) & Midway, or, just "P&M", Mining Company.
Herein, we see that P&M, absent direct participation by Gulf's Pennsylvania scientists, was awarded yet another United States Patent for coal-to-liquid conversion technology, arising from yet another research effort sponsored by the United States Government; sponsored by us, in other words.

United States Patent: 3993457
We have a number of times asserted, with documentation, that Coal-to-Liquid and Coal-to-Gas conversion facilities can be designed and specified so that other materials, including Carbon-recycling wastes, can be used, along with a primary Coal feed, as raw materials for the synthesis of hydrocarbon liquids and gasses.
Exxon, and, by issuance of this Patent, our United States Government, herein affirm that to be true.
As Exxon reveals, we can economically manufacture both liquid fuels and Methane from blended mixtures of Coal; coke; "cellulosic" material - which would include news rags; and, municipal waste.

United States Patent: 4230556
We recently made a report labeled "Self-powered Coal Liquefaction", which details United States Patent 4,227,991, officially entitled "Coal Liquefaction Process with a Plurality of Feed Coals", which was awarded to Pittsburgh's Gulf Oil Corporation in 1980.
Almost immediately thereafter, Gulf, and it's same team of scientists, including one from Gulf's P&M Mining subsidiary, received another US Patent for closely-related and supplemental Coal conversion technology; the disclosure of which reveals more details of how Coal gasification and Coal liquefaction processes can be combined, to convert Coal into a variety of more versatile fuels in an energy-efficient and thorough way. 

United States Patent: 3764515
We have previously reported on Consolidation Coal Company's development, in their Pennsylvania laboratories, of the "Zinc Chloride Process" for liquefying Coal into hydrocarbon fuels; and, on the later patenting of a "Zinc Halide" Coal liquefaction process by Consol's new parent, Continental Oil Company, Conoco.
Herein, we see that they were not the only ones to discover how Zinc Halides could be employed to effectively and efficiently convert Coal into liquid hydrocarbons.

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