United States Patent: 8721866

We've reported now many times on the Carbon Dioxide utilization technologies founded, as seen for only the most recent example in our report of:

Princeton University March, 2014, CO2 to Methanol | Research & Development | News; concerning: "United States Patent 8,663,447 - Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Organic Products; March 4, 2014; Inventors: Andrew Bocarsly, NJ, and Emily Barton Cole, TX; Assignee: Princeton University, NJ; Abstract: The invention relates to various embodiments of an environmentally beneficial method for reducing carbon dioxide. The methods in accordance with the invention include electrochemically or photoelectrochemically reducing the carbon dioxide in a divided electrochemical cell ... to produce therein a reduced organic product. Government Interests: This invention was made with United States government support from National Science Foundation Grant No. CHE-0616475. The United States Government has certain rights in this invention. Claims: An environmentally beneficial method of producing methanol by electrochemical reduction of any available source of carbon dioxide";

United States Patent: 8658311

We first remind you of our recent report:

Panasonic Photosynthesizes More Hydrocarbons from CO2Panasonic Photosynthesizes More Hydrocarbons from CO2 | Research & Develo;

which concerned a couple of recently-validated Carbon Dioxide utilization, "artificial photosynthesis",  technologies developed by Japan's Panasonic Corporation, such as, for one example:


We bring to you herein a fairly recent publication from the Morgantown, WV, and Pittsburgh, PA, National Energy Technology Laboratory - a component of the United States Department of Energy.

It documents an active program of development by the USDOE, directed toward the improvement of established technology for converting Carbon Dioxide, as recovered from whatever handy source, into fuel alcohol Methanol.

United States Patent Application: 0130092549

As we've documented now in many reports, but as has sadly and inexcusably remained totally unreported openly and directly to us by either our commercial press or our government representatives, our United States Government, via primarily, but not only, the US Department of Energy, has been making what could well be - - if we were ever to be informed of them and empowered to utilize the advancements arising from them - - some worthwhile investments with our tax dollars.

United States Patent: 8709227

We have documented so many times that Japan's Panasonic Corporation, who were once well-known in the United States, have developed and continue to develop practical technologies for the productive consumption and chemical use of Carbon Dioxide - - in processes driven by freely-available environmental energies of one sort or another and yielding hydrocarbon products like substitute natural gas Methane - - that we fear our reports about Panasonic's "artificial photosynthesis" innovations might become insufferably redundant.

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