United States Patent: 7592291

We first remind you of two of our more recent reports:

USDOE 2011 CO2 to Gasoline | Research & Development | News; concerning:

"United States Patent 7,879,749 - Methods of Using Structures Including Catalytic Materials Disposed Within Porous Zeolite Materials to Synthesize Hydrocarbons; Date: February 1, 2011; nventors: Harry Rollins, et. al., Idaho; Assignee: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, Twin Falls, Idaho (USDOE Idaho National Laboratory); Abstract: Catalytic structures include a catalytic material disposed within a zeolite material. The catalytic material may be capable of catalyzing a formation of methanol from ... carbon dioxide, andthe zeolite material may be capable of catalyzing a formation of hydrocarbon molecules from methanol. Government Interests: This invention was made with government support under Contract No. DE-AC07-05ID14517 awarded by the United States Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention. ... Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) may be converted into liquid fuels such as, for example, hydrocarbon molecules of between about 5 and about 12 carbon atoms per molecule (e.g., gasoline) through multi-step reactions"; and:

United States Patent: 8741000

The document we submit herein is just further testament to the fact, that, totally unknown to the vast majority of United States citizens, the technology is being developed, even in some perhaps surprising quarters, that will - - or that would if the public, especially that Coal Country public, were ever to be deemed worthy to be told about it all by one or another of their various information media outlets, and then empowered by their United States Government to utilize it - - enable the United States of America to achieve a sustainable independence in her supply of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

As is now irrefutable - - as is now so plain that to avoid public discussion of it and it's potentials seems to us to border on treasonous disregard for the strategic and economic security of the United States of America and her citizens - - Coal can, cleanly and efficiently, be converted into any and all liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

United States Patent: 7670424

We've many times reported on the fact that Coal-fired power plant fly ash can serve as a beneficial and property-enhancing replacement for most, or even all, of the mined, quarried or dredged sand and gravel ordinarily blended into Portland-type Cement (PC), to make Portland-type Cement Concrete (PCC).

United States Patent: 8226909

The current flurry of global warming/Carbon Dioxide emission hair-on-fire public histrionics is setting a magnificent opportunity smack dab in the middle of Coal Country's dinner table.

It is bringing to center stage the subject of Carbon Dioxide, and, what to do about it - - since we are, whether something actually needs done or not, apparently going to be forced to do something.

Why not start capturing it at our Coal-fired power plants, or even from the atmosphere itself, perhaps using a technology like that developed by West Virginia University, as seen in our report of:

United States Patent: 8729798

Both Coal and Carbon Dioxide can be efficiently converted directly into synthetic petroleum, into fuels and chemicals ordinarily derived from petroleum, and into synthetic natural gas.

Those facts are irrefutable since, as we've documented many time, that is all being done, right now, though totally unreported publicly to us in United States Coal Country, in other nations of the world.

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