Our ability to react, to "reform", Methane with Carbon Dioxide, to synthesize higher hydrocarbons, was actually, at one time, so well-known and understood that, we are now led to surmise, industrial equipment manufacturers were making ready to supply a Carbon Dioxide recycling industry targeted on producing liquid hydrocarbons from Carbon Dioxide, with the processing equipment to do so.
Herein, we see that, four decades ago, a Cleveland, OH, manufacturer had already, as confirmed by our own United States Government, as it is embodied in the Patent Office, designed a better Carbon Dioxide recycling mouse trap.

We have documented the achievements of Pittsburgh, PA's, old Gulf Oil Corporation, and their Pittsburg (KS) and Midway, "P&M", Mining subsidiary, in furthering the advancement of Coal liquefaction technology.
Herein, we present an early example of their CoalTL work, which we don't believe we have previously reported. Given it's vintage, we'll suppose it related to the rather extensive post-WWII efforts undertaken by our Government, and it's Oil Industry "partners", to transfer the Axis powers' success in converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels to the United States.
CoalTL technology has advanced in the more than half a century since this US Patent was issued, and there are, there very probably were, even then, better, and easier, ways to go about transforming Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.
Herein, we submit further documentation of a few points we've been attempting to establish.
First, of course, is the fact, that, not only can our abundant Coal be efficiently converted into Gasoline, but, Big Oil and our own US Government have known that to be true for many decades.
Our US Government, at least as it is embodied in the Patent Office, has known that we can make Gasoline out of Coal since a time well before we, the American People, started being economically victimized by foreign OPEC powers and profit-centered Big Oil corporations.
Second, primary and long-known Coal oils, as we have many times reported, can be utilized as agents of liquefaction and hydrogenation for raw Coal. 
We have made earlier reports on, variously, multiple United States Patents and US Patent Applications, wherein the University of Southern California's Nobel Prize-winning scientist, George Olah, and colleagues, defined ways in which Carbon Dioxide can be productively and profitably reclaimed and recycled. Those included technologies describing, for instance, the ""Electrolysis of Carbon Dioxide ... For Production of Methanol" and "Method for Producing ... Hydrocarbons from ... Air".
Herein is yet another United States Patent Application submitted by Olah, in which he proposes that the "Carbon Footprint" left by humanity can even be productively eliminated.
In a recent report, on July 24, we disclosed that scientists at the University of Witwatersrand, in South Africa, had applied for a United States Patent on technology that serves to convert Carbon Dioxide into Gasoline.
We speculated that they had devoted themselves to the research and development effort in support of their domestic Coal liquefaction specialist, SASOL, South Africa Synthetic Oil Limited, who, from multiple facilities, supply much of South Africa's vehicular fuel needs by liquefying Coal.
SASOL, as it happens, didn't need the help.

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