In our dispatch of 7/30, we reported on: "US Patent 3,988,237 - Integrated Coal Hydrocarbonization and Gasification of Char", which was issued, in October of 1976, to a group of West Virginia scientists in the employ of New York's old Union Carbide Corporation.
In the disclosure of that technology, consistent with other reputable sources we have documented for you, it was revealed that Steam could be used in the gasification of Coal to produce an hydrogenated synthesis gas which could then be catalyzed into hydrocarbon "gaseous and liquid fuel products".
Big Oil must have gotten wind of what was going on that year down in South Charleston, and jumped in.

It is actually a group of scientists from both Iceland and the United States that has applied for a patent on technology that would enable us to convert Carbon Dioxide into Gasoline, Methanol and/or Diesel Fuel.
If you have followed our posts, none of that should be shocking or surprising; technologies to accomplish all of that have actually been in place for a long time. We just haven't yet been given the privilege of hearing about them - for whatever reason.
As is often the case with United States Patent Applications, World Patent Applications don't seem to publish the inventors' corporate or institutional affiliations, or the eventual patent rights Assignees, if any. So, even though we've done a little online digging and can make some guesses, we can't, with assurance, provide you with more background in that regard which might further support the credibility of the technology disclosed herein.
In our immediately previous dispatch, we presented documentation of "US Patent 2,113,774 - Process for the Gasification of Dust", issued in 1938 to a German inventor, wherein it was demonstrated that Coal could be gasified with Steam to generate an hydrogenated synthesis gas, which we judged to be ideally-suited for various types of catalytic condensation into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.
Herein, we see that Germany continued to refine such Coal hydro-gasification technology, to improve the manufacture of hydrocarbon synthesis gas, and, as we will point out,.to include some provision for Carbon Dioxide recycling, as well.
And, nearly four decades after issuance of the above-noted USP 2,113,774, our own US Government, as embodied in the Patent Office, agreed that Germany had, indeed, achieved such Coal conversion technology improvements.
As we will report in a dispatch to follow, the United States isn't the only nation with unnoticed wheels spinning in the dark, remote, unvisited, even unknown by the general public, swamp of Coal liquefaction.
That is aside from even more evidence of two facts demonstrated herein:
First, Germany, well before WWII, clearly telegraphed, to the US, her synthetic fuels punch, which later became, as we've documented, as testament to the reality of Coal conversion technology, an urgent matter of strategic planning for the Allied Command.
We frequently make reference in our posts to ExxonMobil's "MTG"(r), methanol-to-gasoline, process, wherein, as we are always careful to note, the methanol is posited to be made from Coal.
We thought it timely now to submit definitive documentation of that persistent assertion, and we do so herein.
The first statement of this US Patent's Abstract should capture the attention of anyone truly interested in Coal's potential to free us from OPEC bondage; the full Disclosure should instruct them on the means to fulfill that potential and obtain that freedom.
We note that we have many times cited the lead named inventor, Frank Derbyshire, who, as we have documented, subsequent to teaching ExxonMobil how to convert Coal into Gasoline, went on to further develop Carbon conversion technologies at the University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research.

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