United States Patent: 8236072

The fact that Coal can be cleanly and efficiently converted into any and all types of both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels should, by now, be clear to anyone who has even for a brief time followed our reports.

The fact of the matter is recognized and openly acknowledged in other nations of the world, like China and South Africa, where the issues surrounding energy utilization and national economics are dealt with, it seems, with a bit more honesty and pragmatism, and, we dare say, idealism.

United States Patent: 8551434

One of us here is fond of wearing shirts of one sort or another, depending upon the season, emblazoned with the letters, the logo, "WV", or a stylized version of "WVU". Another, has a small collection of shirts branded with, variously, "Pitt", and, even, "PSU". Some reading this might prefer "M", or, "OSU".

Tell you what: We can toss them all in the dumpster, simplify our wardrobe selections, and maybe even get a volume discount for US Coal Country, if we buy nothing from here on out excepts shirts and hats emblazoned with nothing but the single, big red letter: "L".

United States Patent: 8759596

Just yesterday our United States Government again confirmed that Coal, along with Carbon-recycling, renewable Biomass, can be indirectly converted, via an initial process of gasification, into liquid fuels; in this case, specifically, the fuel alcohols Ethanol and Methanol.

The technology disclosed herein seems closely similar, and derivative of, many we have reported to you previously, especially in terms of catalyst composition and certain aspects of processing the combined Coal and Biomass, specifically cellulose, feed.

United States Patent Application: 0140174916


That's the only word we think adequately describes all the squalling over, the morbid fascination with, the looming EPA restrictions of, and rules concerning, "carbon emissions" from our economically vital, our economically essential, Coal-fired power generation industries.

Both the EPA's actions/pending actions and the shrieks of Coal Country outrage and alarm over them distract from, and hide the truth embodied in, one simple statement, i.e.:

Carbon Dioxide is a valuable raw material resource which can be effectively harvested and then be efficiently consumed in the synthesis of needed hydrocarbon fuels.

United States Patent: 8470584

We have reported on the Algae-based Carbon Dioxide utilization interests of Professor David Bayless, at Ohio University, previously, as in our report of:

Ohio Improves CO2 Bio-Recycling | Research & Development | News; concerning: "Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Through Controlled Photosynthesis; Authors: Dr. David Bayless, et. al. (Ohio University); Date: October, 2000; OSTI ID: 795267; USDOE Contract Number: FG26-99FT40592; Abstract: This research was undertaken to meet the need for a robust portfolio of carbon management options to ensure continued use of coal in electrical power generation.

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