We understand that the Commonwealth of Kentucky received specific objection letters from EPA on 11 separate mining permit applications.  The letters were similar to those received by applications in West Virginia and Virginia. 

United States Patent: 6703429
We have previously documented the Coal conversion expertise owned by California's Chevron.
Presuming you to recall at least a few of our earlier reports, Chevron not only developed some of their own Coal and Carbon conversion processes, but came to own an extensive portfolio of additional Coal gasification and Coal liquefaction technologies in their acquisitions of both Texaco and Pittsburgh's former Gulf Oil.
In the United States Patent we send along in this dispatch, Chevron discloses, and through their disclosure confirms, a number of facts we have earlier reported, including: not only can Coal be efficiently converted into anything we now derive from petroleum, but, Carbon Dioxide can be recycled in properly-designed Coal conversion processes in a way that utilizes and transforms that accused greenhouse pollutant, and thereby increases the output of commercially valuable hydrocarbon products.

We have often, in the course of our reportage on the very real technologies which exist, technologies that enable the conversion of our abundant Coal into liquid transportation fuels, made reference to ExxonMobil's "MTG"(r), methanol-to-gasoline, technology; wherein the Methanol is posited to be made from Coal.
Herein, from ExxonMobil themselves, we present full, graphic explanation of their "Methanol to Gasoline", or "MTG"(r) technology, which has already been, as we have earlier documented, reduced to practice in other places of the world; and, which ExxonMobil headlines, in their own presentation, as:
"Methanol to Gasoline (MTG): Production of Clean Gasoline from Coal
So Advanced, Yet So Simple"

Method of synthesizing liquid hydrocarbons
It has been known, as we have thoroughly documented for you, since award of the 1912 Nobel Prize to Paul Sabatier, that Methane can be synthesized from Carbon Dioxide.
It has also been known, again as we have documented, since the late 1800's, that Methane can be synthesized via the Steam-gasification of Coal.
We have also documented that multiple processes exist, some recently developed by representatives of the Big Oil cartel, which enable the conversion of Methane - whether obtained from Carbon Dioxide, as NASA plans to do on the planet Mars, or, from Coal - into Gasoline.
However, via the attached and enclosed document, we herein demonstrate that the United States of America has officially known, since the early years of WWII, that Methane can be so converted into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

We assume the presentation we enclose herein, via the enclosed link and attached file, was made to, and at the behest of, the United States Department of Energy; since it is housed in their library; and, since it is recorded as having been made, to someone, five years ago, in Washington, DC.
Within it, you will find more confirmation of several facts about Coal conversion we have lately documented to be true, in reports and US Patent Applications originating, for the most part, from South Africa.
The graphic nature of the presentation limits our ability to provide direct excerpts for you. And, we have as yet been unable to track down the textural source documentation, no doubt locked away somewhere in the USDOE archives, upon which the presentation must have been based.

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