United States Patent: 4327058


We earlier sent you information concerning the extensive library of Coal conversion technology documents developed and maintained by our United States Department of Defense.


Presuming you to have received that dispatch, we remind you that many of those documents appear to have resulted from work contracted by our Government, and were focused on the detailed mechanical specifics of Coal liquefaction processing equipment; with some of them making note, especially, of "corrosion" problems encountered in some components of that equipment during operation.



We have presented a great deal of evidence in support of our contention that Carbon Dioxide - as arises, relative to natural sources of emission, such as volcanoes, in a relatively small way from our varied and productive uses of Coal - is a valuable raw material resource.


We can use it, as NASA intends to do on the planet Mars, as we've documented, to synthesize liquid hydrocarbon fuels.


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We are enclosing, herein, with apologies for the imposing size and length of this dispatch, just a random sample, consisting of only 100 selections, from the reference works concerning the conversion of Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, and related and supporting industrial technologies, that are available in a virtual library dedicated to such matters that has been accumulated and is being maintained by our United States Department of Defense.


Since it's possible our above, initial, link to their library's search for us, labeled "coal liquefaction", will time out, we're including excerpts that should help you, or anyone who might be interested, wade their way to and through it.

United States Patent: 4189371


We have many times documented the fact that any Hydrogen needed for the hydrogenation of Coal, in processes designed to convert Coal into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, can be produced from the co- and by-products of the Coal conversion itself, via a number of techniques that can be integrated into a complete Coal liquefaction and gasification industrial process.


Two Exxon scientists verify and more fully explain that fact in the United States Patent we enclose herein.

Among our many reports documenting the development, by the companies which became ExxonMobil, of a variety of Coal conversion and liquefaction technologies, in ongoing efforts that spanned decades, we more recently submitted one, just this past September, which revealed the somewhat startling fact that our US Government had actually, with our tax money, not only paid Exxon to refine Coal liquefaction science; but, had allowed them to establish and retain primary ownership rights to the US Patent that evolved from their public-financed CoalTL work.
Some details from that earlier report are:
"United States Patent 4,123,347 - Coal Liquefaction Process; October, 1978; Assignee: Exxon Research and Engineering Company, NJ; "Government Interests: The government of the United States of America has rights in this invention pursuant to Contract No. E(49-18)-2353 awarded by the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration.".

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