Hydrocarbon synthesis

We have made much of the fact that it is, in certain circles, well-known that Carbon Dioxide can be reclaimed and productively recycled into, ultimately, familiar types of liquid, and gaseous, hydrocarbons.

Our recent reports of a Carbon Dioxide recycling plant, which will manufacture Methanol from CO2, being now built in Iceland, notwithstanding, we had earlier provided documentation of the fact that our US domestic petroleum industry, and, via the Patent Office at least, our US Government, have known since WWII that Carbon Dioxide can be so productively utilized.

United States Patent: 4645585

Some of our readers might find the United States Patent, issued to a scientist in the employ of an Australian mining company, we enclose in this dispatch to be of special interest.

It seems to us more of a scholarly thesis on the overall subject of converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, rather than a targeted disclosure of one specific way for doing so.

Anyone genuinely interested in the Truths that Coal can be efficiently converted into the complete range of liquid fuels we are now reliant on unreliable petroleum for the supply of, and, that the technology for doing so is, in certain circles, well-known and well-understood, would likely find the full document, and it's references, well worth a close read.

United States Patent: 7488404

We have many times documented that processes exist whereby Carbon Dioxide can be efficiently transformed into useful hydrocarbons, including hydrocarbon fuels - which is what, as in a few of our earlier reports, NASA plans to do with it on the planet Mars and our US Navy intends to with it aboard some of its ships at sea.

As in some of our more recent reports, the nation of Iceland, who, with their many volcanic sites, are blessed with more natural CO2 than we could ever dream of making with all of our Coal-fired power plants put together, intends to start making Gasoline out of Carbon Dioxide and exporting that Gasoline to Europe.

United States Patent: 4665688

Without citing the specifics, we remind you of our previous documentation of the fact that both Methanol and electricity can be co-produced from an integrated facility employing Coal as the primary raw material.

Coal is first gasified, in those technologies, to supply synthesis gas, via separate process streams, to both a steam generator, where the syngas is simply burned, or heat is extracted from the hot syngas, to create steam for driving electric turbines; and, to a Methanol synthesis reactor, where some of the syngas is catalytically condensed into Methanol.

The co-produced Methanol is most often posited in those schemes to be stored on-site as a fuel that can be used for generating more power during periods of peak demand.

Carbon Recycling International


We have previously reported on the Carbon conversion work of Nobel Laureate George Olah, at the University of Southern California's Loker Hydrocarbon Institute.

Our most recent dispatch concerning him can be found on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site as: California Recycles CO2 to Methanol | Research & Development | News, which report includes a link to: https://wiki.ornl.gov/sites/carboncapture/Shared%20Documents/Background%20Materials/Alternative%20Methods/G.%20Olah.pdf; wherein, in a January, 2009, article for the American Chemical Society, Olah discloses details of the "Chemical Recycling of Carbon Dioxide", and how Carbon Dioxide can be converted into the liquid fuel, Methanol.


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