United States Patent: 7168265


From the good folks who more recently brought us the Gulf Coast oil disaster, we submit yet more clear, United States Government-certified, statement of the fact that Carbon Dioxide can be recycled, "reformed", through reactions with Methane, and made thereby to synthesize liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

In disclosing their process for accomplishing that transmutation, British Petroleum confirms the dirty little secret, which we have previously documented for you, and which is always left undisclosed by outspoken proponents of "America's Clean Energy Alternative", i.e., natural gas; and, that is:

United States Patent: 4675102


Herein, from the WWII-era birthplace of practical Coal liquefaction technology, we see that methods have been developed which would enable us to, if we wanted, preferentially synthesize a relatively greater proportion of Diesel fuel, as opposed to more volatile products, from Coal.

United States Patent: 4713234


We have, in the course of our reportage, regularly documented the fact that plain old Steam, i.e., H2O, can be made to serve as a source and contributor of Hydrogen in processes intended to hydrogenate, and thus to transform into gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, our abundant Coal.

Herein, from Germany, where their military, during WWII, fought in large part on liquid fuels made from Coal, all as historically and indisputably recorded, we have further confirmation of the fact that all, or nearly all, of the Carbon content in Coal can be hydrogenated, and thus be converted into valuable hydrocarbons, through the appropriate and controlled use of Steam as a Hydrogen donor.

United States Patent: 5431855


There is, presuming you to have followed our posts thus far, little conceptually new in the US-patented technology, which was developed by scientists in the United Kingdom, we submit herein.


Simply put:

Carbon Dioxide, from whatever source, can be reacted, "reformed", with Methane, with or without the addition of Steam, and made thereby to synthesize valuable hydrocarbons.

United States Patent: 4594172


There is, yet again, little new in this dispatch.

In further confirmation of earlier of our reports, we see herein that Coal can, indeed, be converted, on a practical basis, into anything we now derive from petroleum.

That would include grease and oil, as we see in excerpts from the above link, with comment appended, to:

"United States Patent 4,594,172 - Process for the Preparation of Hydrocarbons

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