United States Patent: 4476249


We've documented that Coal can be converted into the liquid fuel, Methanol, many times; often referencing the Eastman Chemical Company's plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, where such conversion is, on a commercial basis, now being done.

Herein, we submit an example of such technology designed and developed specifically for the US Navy, wherein it is posited to harness environmental energy to accomplish the needed chemical processing.

United States Patent: 7022888


Since we have many times documented the 1912 Nobel-winning Sabatier process, now being further refined by NASA, wherein Carbon Dioxide can be transformed into Methane; and, since we are, today, via separate dispatch, sending along report of: United States Patent: 4476249 - for a "Low Cost Method for Producing Methanol", wherein is disclosed another way, in addition to others we've reported, to produce "low cost methanol" from Coal, we wanted to again confirm that both the CO2-derived Methane and the Coal-derived Methanol can be further converted into Gasoline.

Moreover: The synthesis of Gasoline can be effected by combining such CO2-based Methane with such Coal-based Methanol.

United States Patent: 5741440


We have many times documented the operation, by Eastman Chemical Company, of a commercial plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, wherein Methanol is indirectly synthesized, via gasification, from Coal.

And, we have reported on their published plans to establish a similar, perhaps larger, facility in Texas.

Herein, we see that some of Eastman's Texas Coal scientists have improved the process for gasifying Coal, into a Methanol synthesis gas, so that better - and, importantly, variable - ratios of reactive Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, suited for efficient condensation into Methanol, and a range of liquid hydrocarbons, are formed.


Patent US1163922


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We have many times documented the fact that Carbon Dioxide can be recycled, or at least rendered into chemically reactive, and industrially useful, Carbon Monoxide, through the relatively simple expedient of passing Carbon Dioxide through, and reacting Carbon Dioxide with, red hot Coal.

Herein, on this Eve of Christmas, in an attempt to evoke the sense of ancient tradition the sacred holiday entails, we submit to you a genuine artifact, an antique stashed away and forgotten in our nation's intellectual attic, which, brought down and dusted off, attests to the fact that we have known how, in a straightforward way, to recycle Carbon Dioxide, with the help of Coal, for a very long time.

United States Patent: 7763167


Here's a lump of Coal for your Christmas stocking.

Nearly a year ago, we alerted you to the fact that China had applied for, was seeking, a United States Patent on a direct Coal liquefaction process which we interpreted, based on our limited access to information, to be very similar to what we knew of WVU's "West Virginia Process'" for such direct Coal liquefaction.

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