Patent US3730694

The, very nearly four decades old, Atlantic Richfield technology we report herein, as revealed by the United States Patent we enclose, confirms some earlier documentation we have provided you concerning the fact that exhaust, or "tail", gas, arising from the catalytic condensation of Coal-derived synthesis gas into liquid hydrocarbons, can be made so as to have some residual chemical value which can be further exploited.

Interestingly, ARCO's point, as explained herein by one of their scientists we have cited previously, seems to be that Coal synthesis gas can be generated in such a way that it has too much Hydrogen to be consumed in the initial catalytic synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons.

United States Patent Application: 0090305091

Our headline on this submission is a somewhat misleading, or slightly inaccurate, characterization.

It isn't so much that Carbon Dioxide, generated by the combustion of Carbon, is being recycled herein; but, it's formation in the first place is being, as we understand it, forestalled; and, the products of combustion are being directed into the formation of other, useful, Carbon-based compounds.

As often happens in the course of our research, our challenged selves encounter information of a nature so technical that even our fully-functioning consultants find it difficult to reduce and to condense the matter, and to help us shape it into a narrative exposition that would be readily-understandable by anyone but a university-certified cranium.

United States Patent Application: 0090221720


We don't think ConocoPhillips is really trying to hide anything by labeling their Coal liquefaction scheme, as disclosed in the recent US Patent application we're sending along in this dispatch, as a "Carbon-To-Liquids  Process".

That title simply acknowledges the facts, as we have in other reports emphasized, that:

A synthetic liquid fuels industry, because of the current economies of scale, would, without question, have to be founded on Coal.


In a recent report to the West Virginia Coal Association, which they have made available on their web site via the link: France, China, CoalTL & CO2 Recycling | Research & Development | News; we detailed, in the context of Coal conversion activities in China, the United States Patent Application, Number 20050169835; - "The Treatment of Methane/Carbon Dioxide Mixtures"; 2005; Assignee: TOTAL France".

We refer you to that report for more details of the oil company TOTAL's process for converting Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels; but, herein, we present more information, from France, concerning the technical details of such conversion of CO2, as we might obtain by sucking it back out of a leaky old Texas oil well where it had been, at the expense of customers of Coal-based electrical power, "sequestered", into the nearly-precious Methanol.

Process for the treatment of methane/carbon dioxide mixtures - Patent Application 20050169835


This will be a rather complicated submission, and we regret the complexities inherent in our presentation.

First of all, the initial link in this dispatch connects to a US Patent Application for a Carbon Dioxide recycling technology submitted by the company: "Total, S.A.".

"Total" is likely an unfamiliar name to most of our readers; and, we won't address their CO2 recycling process until later in this dispatch.

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