United States Patent: 4609679


Since we are, today, via separate dispatch, sending along report of "US Patent 6,312,660 - Process for Preparing Synthesis Gas", which describes yet another Japanese technology wherein Carbon Dioxide can be recycled in the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons through reactions with Steam and Methane, and the subsequent catalytic processing of the resultant synthesis gas, we wanted, herein, to confirm that we can obtain the Methane needed therein for the recycling of Carbon Dioxide from, among other sources, Coal.

The Dow Chemical technology we discuss in this report actually centers on the processing of Carbon Monoxide, CO, to synthesize Methane. And, CO is really the only reactant they talk much about.

However, deep within their full Disclosure, they reveal:

United States Patent: 6312660

We earlier sent you information, now posted on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site as:

Japan CO2 + Methane = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development | News; which included details of:

"United States Patent: 6340437 - Preparing Synthesis Gas by Autothermal Reforming; 2002; Inventor: Fuyuki Yagi, et. al.; Assignee: Chiyoda Corporation, Japan", a technology which enables a "hydrocarbon synthesis gas" to "be produced by reacting (methane) with steam and/or carbon dioxide".

We also provided additional information in that report concerning the, perhaps, unfamiliar Chiyoda Corporation, which confirmed them to be a substantial and long-established business enterprise.


United States Patent: 4714543


Carbon Dioxide isn't actually being used as one of the raw materials for hydrocarbon synthesis in the Japanese technology we report herein.

It is, instead, being utilized to help clean and purify a raw material for liquefaction that consists of low-rank Coal burdened with a relatively high amount of "ash"- forming inorganic minerals.

Additional attempt at explanation follows excerpts from:


United States Patent: 4229184


Late last year, we submitted a report concerning:"United States Patent: 4415339 - Solar Coal Gasification Reactor; 1983; Inventors: William Aiman and David Gregg, CA; Assignee: The USDOE", wherein was revealed details of a process, developed by US Department of Energy scientists, which enabled the use of Solar heat energy to co-gasify "coal and ... water" with or without added "CO2", and which was described as a system intended to enable us to use our "vast coal deposits for the economical production of liquid fuels".

That report is available as: USDOE Hydrogasifies Coal with Solar Power | Research & Development | News.

United States Patent: 4132639


As further testament both to the reality of Coal liquefaction technology, and to the understanding of it that exists within certain circles of our own US Government, we see herein that scientists at our USDOE's Oak Ridge, Tennessee, National Laboratory devised a process for better treating and refining raw hydrocarbon liquids once they are made from Coal.

When you examine the Disclosure, you will be led to think of it as a simple thing.

But, it leads to some complicated questions; one of which we ask, following excerpts from:

"United States Patent 4,132,639 - Improving Sedimentation and Filterability of Coal-derived Liquids

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