Process for separating gas mixtures more particularly coke oven gas

We have already documented, in several earlier reports, the development of Coal conversion and liquefaction technology, before and during WWII, by the Axis powers, Germany and Japan.

Herein, we submit further evidence that their Coal conversion technologies - - which, as we have previously demonstrated, were reduced to such effective industrial practice that their seven factories, scattered about Europe and Asia and converting Coal into liquid fuels for the Axis militaries, became high-priority strategic targets of Allied bombing - - were no secret to us prior to the onset of war.

United States Patent: 6921733

Especially in light of some recent news, as in:

Rockefeller Introduces Legislation to Suspend EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulation | Latest | News; wherein we learn that the "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulation of greenhouse gases from stationary sources would be suspended for two years by a bill introduced Jan. 31 by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and colleagues";

we wanted to again confirm and document that Carbon Dioxide, as it arises in a small way, relative to natural sources of emission, such as volcanoes, from our varied and productive uses of Coal, is a valuable raw material resource.

United States Patent: 4609679

Since we are, today, via separate dispatch, sending along report of "US Patent 6,312,660 - Process for Preparing Synthesis Gas", which describes yet another Japanese technology wherein Carbon Dioxide can be recycled in the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons through reactions with Steam and Methane, and the subsequent catalytic processing of the resultant synthesis gas, we wanted, herein, to confirm that we can obtain the Methane needed therein for the recycling of Carbon Dioxide from, among other sources, Coal.

The Dow Chemical technology we discuss in this report actually centers on the processing of Carbon Monoxide, CO, to synthesize Methane. And, CO is really the only reactant they talk much about.

Synthetical production of liquid hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen


We've submitted a number of reports detailing and documenting how, in the years leading up to WWII, various European and Asian entities were developing the technology for converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, and reducing that technology to actual, even somewhat widespread, industrial practice.

One of those reports made more recently, for example, is now available as:

Czechoslovakia 1940 Coal Liquefaction | Research & Development | News

Herein, via the initial link in this dispatch, we see that similar Coal conversion developments were underway, in the same pre-WWII time frame, but much closer to home.

United States Patent: 6312660


We earlier sent you information, now posted on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site as:

Japan CO2 + Methane = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development | News; which included details of:

"United States Patent: 6340437 - Preparing Synthesis Gas by Autothermal Reforming; 2002; Inventor: Fuyuki Yagi, et. al.; Assignee: Chiyoda Corporation, Japan", a technology which enables a "hydrocarbon synthesis gas" to "be produced by reacting (methane) with steam and/or carbon dioxide".

We also provided additional information in that report concerning the, perhaps, unfamiliar Chiyoda Corporation, which confirmed them to be a substantial and long-established business enterprise.

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