United States Patent: 7273893


As available via: ConocoPhillips CO2 to Methanol | Research & Development | News, which includes information concerning: "United States Patent Application 20030060355 - Converting Carbon Dioxide to Oxygenates; 2003; A catalyst composition for converting carbon dioxide to methanol and dimethyl ether", we reported late last year that Conoco had developed a CO2 recycling technology, that enabled the conversion of reclaimed Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, and were seeking a US patent for that technology.

Herein, as accessible via the initial link in this dispatch, we learn that "Application 20030060355" was successful.

Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #772402


As you will see in our excerpts, or in the complete report, as available via the initial and following links, our United States Department of Energy employees, in Morgantown and Pittsburgh, used our tax money to pay a New Jersey corporation to find ways to, specifically, "optimize the liquefaction of the two Chinese coals".

And, those Coals are actually named for the Chinese corporate owner of the Coal deposits: "Shenhua".

That name might not be unfamiliar, if you followed some of our earlier posts concerning the cooperation between West Virginia University and China, in the development of direct Coal liquefaction technology.

United States Patent: 4825013


We've made several reports concerning the Coal conversion technology owned and being developed by Dow Chemical Company.

A recent example would be: DOW Chemical Coal to Methane | Research & Development | News .

Dow's interest in Coal conversion might have helped lead, as we've earlier speculated, to their 2001 acquisition of the old Union Carbide Corporation, who themselves operated, for at least a few years, a Coal hydrogenation facility in South Charleston, WV.

Visible Light Photoreduction of CO2 Using CdSe/Pt/TiO2 Heterostructured Catalysts - The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

This fairly recent report from our USDOE employees in Pittsburgh, PA, deserves far better, and more expanded, exposition than we are herein able to give it.

We are searching for more complete versions of the document, and will post them when we are able.

But, herein is established the fact, that, in Pittsburgh, PA, there are some scientists in our employ who know that Carbon Dioxide can be productively recycled, into gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon fuels, by using a form of what we would call "artificial photosynthesis".

United States Patent: 4910227


We have, by now, made many reports of, and references to, the Carbon conversion technologies that have been developed by Pennsylvania's Air Products and Chemicals company.

A fairly recent example would be: Pennsylvania Hydrogenates CO2 | Research & Development | News; wherein was disclosed: "US Patent 4,766,154 - Process for the Production of Methanol; 1988; Assignee: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Allentown, PA".

More will likely follow.

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