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We have several times documented the "Syntrolysis" concept, under development by our USDOE, and others; wherein Water solutions of Carbon Dioxide, as might be obtained from a Coal-fired power plant smoke stack scrubber, can be electrolyzed and made thereby to generate mixtures of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide, i.e., a synthesis gas suitable in composition for catalytic condensation into liquid hydrocarbons.

United States Patent: 6664302


We have several times documented the fact that some processes for the indirect conversion of Coal into liquid hydrocarbons - - wherein Coal is first gasified, with or without the addition of Steam, to generate a synthesis gas that is then passed over a catalyst and condensed into a blend of hydrocarbon liquids - - can lead to a buildup, or accumulation, of semi-solid wax on the catalyst surfaces.

We have also documented that the petroleum industry knows all about such "Fischer-Tropsch Wax", as it seems to be called in the trade, and has devised strategies for refining that Coal conversion byproduct into additional hydrocarbon liquids.


We have previously cited the Carbon conversion expertise resident in Pennsylvania's Air Products and Chemicals Company.

Herein, in a United States Patent Application that is so recent we don't believe it has yet been officially published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we thus can't provide you with an accurate date when this application was formulated, we see that Air Products has further developed and applied a concept we have already, from other sources, documented for you:

Water, plain old H2O, in one form or another, can be made to serve as the Hydrogen donor in hydrogenation processes that convert the Carbon content of Coal into more versatile hydrocarbons.

United States Patent: 6495609


This is might be a repeat of an earlier submission, which we present with regrets for possible duplication caused by our personal circumstances.

Certainly, it resonates with familiarity relative to many other of our reports documenting the suite of Carbon Dioxide recycling technologies that has been developed by the companies that became ExxonMobil, as for one example, seen in:

Exxon Patents CO2 Recycling | Research & Development | News; which details:

"Conversion of methane, carbon dioxide and water using microwave radiation - Patent 5266175; 1993; Assignee: Exxon Research & Engineering"; and, wherein is disclosed how Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water can be converted together into a hydrocarbon synthesis gas suitable for catalytic condensation into liquid fuels.


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Since we are, today, via separate dispatch, sending along report of work related to the conversion of Coal into liquid hydrocarbons that was conducted at our USDOE's somewhat remote, relative to the heart of US Coal Country, Sandia National Laboratory, all the way out in New Mexico, we elected herein to reconfirm that Sandia, and our USDOE, have also been at work on technology that would, using environmental energy,  convert reclaimed Carbon Dioxide, as well, into liquid hydrocarbons.

And, in line with the "Green Freedom" concept we have previously reported as being under development by our USDOE's western labs, Sandia again posits the use of light, i.e., Solar, energy to drive the process of converting reclaimed Carbon Dioxide into the versatile Methanol, and other valuable products.


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