United States Patent: 4207208

We have many times made reference to ExxonMobil's "MTG"(r), methanol-to-gasoline, technology, wherein the methanol is posited to be made from Coal.

We have also documented their specification and use of a specific "zeolite" mineral, most often designated as "ZSM-5", as the preferred catalyst, or catalyst carrier, for such Coal conversion processes.

United States Patent: 4609440

Last summer, as accessible via: Chicago Recycles CO2 to Methanol | Research & Development | News; we sent you information concerning: United States Patent: 4609441 - "Electrochemical Reduction of Aqueous Carbon Dioxide to Methanol; 1986; Karl Frese, et. al.; Assignee: Gas Research Institute, Chicago; Abstract: A method of producing methanol from carbon dioxide ...".

However, since we are, today, via separate dispatch, sending along yet more information documenting the fact that Carbon Dioxide, recovered from whatever source, can be reacted, "reformed", with Methane, CH4, and be made thereby to serve as a raw material for the synthesis of both Methanol and Gasoline, we wanted, herein, to confirm, as established by the same team of Chicago scientists noted above, that such useful Methane can itself, as well, be synthesized from Carbon Dioxide.


Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #6376201

Late last year, we made report concerning a United States Patent that had been awarded to scientists in the employ of the US Department of Energy, which disclosed how Solar energy could be harnessed to gasify Coal with Steam, to convert the Coal and H2O with high efficiency into a hydrocarbon synthesis gas; a syngas composed primarily of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, with very few other compounds, and thereby compositionally well-suited for further catalytic condensation into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

As seen in: USDOE Hydrogasifies Coal with Solar Power | Research & Development | News; the technology disclosed by:United States Patent: 4415339 - "Solar Coal Gasification Reactor; 1983; Inventors: William Aiman and David Gregg; Assignee: The USA, as represented by the DOE; Abstract: Coal .. is converted into a duct gas that is substantially free from hydrocarbons"; it is possible to gasify Coal, along with Steam; and, by using Solar energy to provide the needed heat; and, by recycling unwanted by-products, such as CO2 and some simple hydrocarbons, back into the Solar-heated gasification chamber for further reaction and breakdown with Coal; to produce a hydrocarbon synthesis gas consisting essentially only of reactive Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide, with little or no extraneous compounds or supposed pollutants.

United States Patent: 5026934

Since we are, today, via separate dispatch, sending along a report concerning: "United States Patent 4,609,440 - Electrochemical Synthesis of Methane", wherein a "method is described for electrochemically reducing carbon dioxide to form methane", we wanted to again confirm that Methane, once we have it, preferably synthesized from Carbon Dioxide, as, perhaps, in the process of USP 4,609,440, we can then react, or "reform", that Methane with even more Carbon Dioxide, and thereby synthesize liquid hydrocarbon fuels, including Gasoline.

Note that, as reported by multiple web-based sources, the corporate assignee of the rights to the invention disclosed herein, Lyondell Petrochemical, was once the third-largest US-based chemicals company. It was acquired by, or merged with, the Netherlands-based Bassell company in late 2007. The new company, creatively named LyondellBassell, is now officially headquartered in the Netherlands, but maintains it's corporate business headquarters at Lyondell's original home offices in Houston, Texas.


Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #952162

Herein is even more confirmation, from our US Department of Energy's southwestern labs, that Carbon Dioxide can, efficiently and productively, be reclaimed, and then be recycled into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

First, we remind you that we have previously cited two of the co-authors of the report we enclose herein, Richard Diver and James Miller, previously, with regards to the USDOE's development of technologies that would, if implemented, enable such profitable recycling of Carbon Dioxide.

And, some of the wording of the report we enclose herein might thus ring very familiar, especially in regards to the dangers we face by continuing our uncorrected dependence on unreliable sources of natural petroleum.

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