First, we remind you that we have already documented the fact, that: the beloved nation of Iran has been at work developing technologies which would enable it to convert Carbon Dioxide, reclaimed from whatever source, into direct replacements for the liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons now being extracted from it's  Persian Gulf oil fields.

An example of our reportage would include:

More Iran CO2 + Methane = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development | News; "Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane via DC Corona Streamer Discharge; National Iranian Oil Company; and, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran.



May 18-19-20, 2011
Beckley-Raleigh Co.

Convention Center 200 Armory Drive
Beckley, WV

Alpha Engineering is sponsoring the two-day seminar on Mine Surveying and Mapping again this year on May 18-19 and Advance Ventilation on May 20.  With the Miner Act and other initiatives from MSHA and the States, as well as recent court decisions, we are certain have an abundance of material to discuss.  This is not only for PE's and PS's -- we usually have several persons who do the field surveying, CAD and mapping work in attendance along with some Agency people.

United States Patent Application: 0060096298

We earlier made several reports, and have often made reference to, the Eastman Chemical Company factory, in Kingsport, Tennessee, where they have for some years been converting Coal, on a commercial basis, into Methanol.

Those reports have included, for as in the most recent example:

Coal to Methanol - Eastman & Air Products | Research & Development | News; which contains the document: "Commercial-Scale Demonstration of a Liquid-Phase Methanol Process; Eastman Chemical Company; Kingsport,TN; Abstract: The Eastman Chemical Company operates a coal gasification complex in Kingsport. Tennessee. Methanol is currently produced from syngas ... produced by two high-pressure gasifiers (which utilize) High-sulfur coal.".


United States Patent: 7906559

In an earlier report: California Files CO2 Recycling Patents | Research & Development | News; we documented that the Nobel-winning scientist, George Olah, and his colleague at the University of Southern California, Surya Prakash, had made application for two United States Patents on technology which would enable us to convert Carbon Dioxide, through reactions with Methane, into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Less than a month ago, one of those applications was approved; the validity of the technology confirmed.


United States Patent Application: 0090269264

Among the interesting facts to be learned in this United States Patent Application - - made by Japanese inventors, for an improvement in technology that, in a process which is identified by other sources we've cited for you as "bi-reforming", converts Carbon Dioxide, via reactions with Methane, into a synthesis gas composed of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide, and well-suited for catalytic condensation into liquid hydrocarbon fuels - - is that:

The Carbon Dioxide is to be obtained herein by what we are compelled to suggest is a "regenerating" process for alkaline-based compounds of the type used to extract CO2 from exhaust gas streams.


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