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Herein, we see that the USDOE contracted with what we must, again, as in other of our reports concerning other US Government energy conversion contractors, characterize as something of a "skunk works".

Burns and Roe Corporation, despite the implication on this USDOE report's title page, is actually headquartered in New Jersey; and, an independent reference, as accessible via:

Burns and Roe - Related Articles - Burns and Roe Services Corporation Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification; characterizes them thusly:

We'll cut right to the chase:

The United States Department of Energy, itself, herein clearly states, that, in an economically-feasible way, materials composed of up to 90% of reclaimed Carbon Dioxide can be synthesized; materials with a variety of physical qualities which would allow us to use them in place of concrete, plastic and wood in building and construction applications.

And, they also clearly propose such use of Carbon Dioxide as an alternative to Cap & Trade taxation.


Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #6200097

The Carbon Dioxide recycling technology, briefly summarized by Japanese scientists herein, is, we think, closely related to others we have already reported, such as the USDOE's "Syntrolysis" process, as described, for just one instance, in: More USDOE CO2 "Syntrolysis" | Research & Development | News; wherein it is explained, that: "Syntrolysis (is) a process developed by the Idaho National Laboratory that (consumes) carbon dioxide while creating synthesis gas ... a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide used to produce synthetic fuels."


Carbon separation process

We've many times documented that any carbonaceous residues, which might result from a primary process of converting Coal into liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, can themselves be further processed to yield even more hydrocarbon values.

An example would be: Consol Hydrogasifies CoalTL Residues | Research & Development | News; wherein is disclosed: "United States Patent 4,248,605 - Gasification of Coal Liquefaction Residues".


United States Patent: 4536275

We've made several reports concerning the "International Coal Refining Company", or "ICR", factory in Allentown, PA; which was a USDOE-sponsored Coal liquefaction facility, that synthesized liquid hydrocarbon fuels out of Coal, and which was operated as a joint venture, in part, by the Air Products and Chemicals Company.

Most recently, as in: USDOE Funds Pennsylvania Coal Liquefaction | Research & Development | News;

we recorded two United States Patents for Coal liquefaction technology, including:

United States Patent: 4376032 - "Coal Liquefaction Desulfurization Process"; and:

United States Patent: 4510040 - "Coal Liquefaction Process";

which arose from that US tax dollar-financed effort.


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