Method for forming synthesis gas

First, please recall: 1940 CO2 + H2O + CH4 = Hydrocarbon Syngas | Research & Development | News;

wherein is disclosed details of: "US Patent 2,198,553 - Making a Synthesis Gas Mixture of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen; April, 1940; Assignee: The M.W. Kellogg Company, NY; Abstract: Our invention relates to a method of making synthesis gas ... having a controllable ratio of hydrogen with respect to carbon monoxide ... from methane, steam and carbon dioxide."

Also, as in: USDOE Pays for California Methane from Coal and Steam | Research & Development | News; and: Chicago Recycles CO2 to Methane | Research & Development | News; keep in mind that we can synthesize such useful Methane either from Coal, or, from Carbon Dioxide.


Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #6074682

We've earlier documented, at least once, the somewhat, to us, inexplicable assignment, by our USDOE, of responsibilities for researching Coal liquefaction technology to the Bechtel Corporation, of San Francisco.

Herein, we see that the USDOE engaged Bechtel's services to evaluate a variety of Coal conversion processes, all of which we have previously, and separately, reported to you.


United States Patent Application: 0100022666

As seen, for one instance, in our recent report of:

Eastman Coal to Methanol and Electric Power | Research & Development | News; wherein is disclosed:

"US Patent Application 20060096298 - Method for Satisfying Variable Power Demand; 2006; Eastman Chemical Company; Abstract: A process for satisfying variable power demand and a method for maximizing the monetary value of a synthesis gas stream are disclosed. ... A process for intermittently producing electrical power and chemicals (from) a carbonaceous material. ... This invention relates to a process for the production of regularly varying amounts of electric power and chemicals from synthesis gas";

In a few earlier reports, including:

USDOE Idaho Lab Recycles More CO2 | Research & Development | News; wherein is discussed:

"Model of High Temperature H2O/CO2 Co-electrolysis; 2007; Idaho National Laboratory"; and:

USDOE Carbon-Neutral Syngas from CO2 and H2O | Research & Development | News; which discloses:

"Title: Carbon Neutral Production of Syngas Via ... Electrolytic Reduction of Steam and CO2; Idaho National Laboratory";


United States Patent: 4608132

In a number of earlier reports, including, for instance, and as accessible via:

Texaco Recycles CO2 to Methanol & Methane | Research & Development | News; "United States Patent 4,523,981 - Means and Method for Reducing Carbon Dioxide to Provide a Product; 1985; Assignee: Texaco, Incorporated, NY; Abstract: A process for reducing carbon dioxide to ... methanol (and/or) methane"; and:

Texaco Recycles More CO2 to Methanol and Methane | Research & Development | News; "United States Patent 4,609,451 - Means for Reducing Carbon Dioxide to Provide a Product; 1986; Assignee: Texaco Incorporated, NY; Abstract: A process and apparatus for reducing carbon dioxide to at least one useful product (wherein are included) means for providing hydrogen ions from the water"; we have documented that the old Texaco Corporation had been, prior to their assimilation by Chevron, at work developing very real, and practical, technologies which would, if implemented, have enabled us to start converting our unjustly disparaged Carbon Dioxide into a variety of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

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