United States Patent: 4157246

Without citing any of our past reports, as now accessible on the West Virginia Coal Association's web site,   concerning the fact, we herein again confirm, as disclosed by the-now ExxonMobil, and as affirmed by our United States Government's technically-expert patent examiners, that:

The conversion of Coal, into more versatile hydrocarbons, can be made more efficient and more economical by the recovery and recycling of various metal compounds used to catalyze the hydro-conversion reactions.

And, almost by now in fulfillment of expectations, our US Government used our tax money to finance Exxon’s development of this commercial refinement in Coal gasification and liquefaction technology.

New Mexico synfuels project. Coal-liquid fuels and high-Btu coal gas. Volume I. Executive summary. [San Juan County, New Mexico] 

Herein, we submit evidence of a somewhat extraordinary Coal liquefaction and gasification R&D program, that was conducted, for and by our United States Department of Energy, just about as far away from the Appalachian heart of US Coal Country, and Coal Country journalists, and Coal industry activists, as they could get; and, still have a little Coal to play around with.

Moreover, this project required some "tracking" on our part; and, some of the links we enclose might not be durable; might not retain their function.


United States Patent: 4954246

As now accessible via: Pittsburgh USBM Liquefies Coal with Ultrasound | Research & Development; wherein is detailed the seemingly unlikely: "United States Patent 3,577,337 - Solvent Extraction of Coal; 1971; Assignee: The USA; Abstract: Coal is extracted in quinoline by treatment of a coal-quinoline slurry with ultrasonic irradiation at ambient temperature. ... The solubilized fraction may be used for production of gasoline ..., etc."; it has been known by our United States Government for four decades, that, not only can Coal be converted into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, such as "gasoline", but, an unusual type of energy, ultrasound, can be employed to facilitate the process.


Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #6194009

Fully two decades ago, our United States Department of Energy demonstrated that Solar energy could be utilized to effect the large-scale recycling of Carbon Dioxide.

We have documented for you previously the USDOE's "Green Freedom"(r) CO2-recycling technology, and one or two others similar, wherein Solar energy, whether in the form of light or heat, is harnessed to such a task; and, herein is further information concerning what we take to be related and precedent technology; whereby Solar heat is engaged to drive the "bi-reforming" reaction between Carbon Dioxide and Methane, to form a synthesis gas suitable for catalytic condensation into useful and needed hydrocarbons.


United States Patent: 3959094

This might be a repeat of a dispatch already sent long ago. However, our computer breakdown last fall might have forestalled our transmission; and, we can find no record of it in the WV Coal Association R&D archives.

It, in any case, bears repeating.

Our own United States Government, 35 years ago, developed, and awarded itself the sole rights to utilize, a technology that would allow us to convert Carbon Dioxide, dissolved in Water, into Methanol.


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